Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tribal Or Doodle?

This one was supposed to be up yesterday, but it was Friday night and went out for some fun with Bf and friends - hope you don't mind ;)

Anyway, I'm slightly torn about this one. Do you know those manis that look awesome in your head but then come out looking different on your nails? Nor worse, not even bad, just... different...

Today is example to that. 
I started it all beautifully:

With this wonderful background.
Seriously, watercolour effect has got to be one of the nicest :)

I did these with acrylic paints, watered down with water - they're so easy to make and look so fun and perfect for both Spring and Summer :)

I then transformed this into:


And somehow I'm not quite sure if I like it or not.
I love the designs but do they look good together? Is this a cohesive design?

I used black acrylic paint to doodle on my nails and my thinnest nail art brush.
I don't quite feel like these are tribal nails, which was what I was aiming at.

So, I'm not quite sure if these fit what I had thought for this mani.
I guess sometimes the brush has a will of its own...

So I need your help - is this cool or just weird?
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the second post/challenge of Polisher's Inc. ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This looks great! That is so much detail to the tribal or doodle design :)

  2. I like it too! It gives the watercolor a special twist!


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