Sunday, May 18, 2014

POLISHER'S INC. - Texture Nails

Yes, you read it right! Polisher's Inc. is posting twice this month! Yay!
We figured out we'd had way too much fun to be doing it only once a month! ;)

Also, we've created a Facebook page and an Instagram profile, so make sure you're following us there, too, so you won't miss any of our posts ;)

And for toda's post/challenge we went with the 'Texture Nails' theme.
And I knew at once what I wanted to do ;)

I chose this gorgeous blue polish for my base colour.
I'd bought it recently and hadn't yet had the pleasure of displaying it on my nails - so excited about this little bottle!

This is Bellaoggi Amalfi and it's just the most gorgeous and most perfect shade!
And can you believe this is a one-coater? Should you go for two coats, make sure you layer them thin, 'cause this one is really pigmented! 
In love! :D

For the texture nail challenge I knew I wanted pearls and beads and rhinestones! 
Not only do I love the textured look and the 3D effect it gives your nails, there's also no denying how beautiful and chic and elegant it looks! ;)

I couldn't pass the chance of a macro shot for you - look at that! I'm so proud I made it look this good! :)
I love beaded looks, but I'm usually not a pro at layering them in neat patterns, so this time I was hopping about all happy at how cool I managed to make this look ;)

I thought maybe it wasn't texture-y enough so I spread some loose glitter on the remaining nails and I couldn't have been happier!

Can you see all the shimmering shiny glitter? I sure made the most of it, showing them off in the sun ;)

In the end, and mostly because I noticed my nose and forehead with suspicious glitter specks, I topcoated it all and it looks soooo slick and shiny and awesome! 
Oh, this one made me feel all vain and awesome - heheheh.Love it!

Am I overreacting? Or do you also think this is a purrty one? 
Let me know and don't forget to check the other ladies' fine manis!! 
Wishing you all an awesome week, lovelies! ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh.My.Wow! I seriously thought it was a charm of some sort, but you put all of them down yourself? Just wow! I'm so loving this design. Unfortunately we don't have that brand here, but it looks really perfect!

    1. Aww, thanks, Charlotte! I guess I was in a patient mood :)
      Happy you liked it, hun! *

  2. Sweetie!!! All I can say is, You totally nailed it! Not only, this blue color is like YOUR color! It matches your skin perfectly! And the little pattern you made with the pearls and studs and beads is looking so royal. It's just perfection. When I opened the post to see what you made I gasped and my BF was like "What?!" haha! Gorgeous! Beautiful! OMG!
    P.S. When I come to Portugal, I am going to buy every Bellaoggi nail polish out there! They are so stunning!

    1. Sweetie, you rock! Thanks for the huge smile on my face right now - hehehe :)
      When you come visit me, we'll go nail polish buying for sure! :D

  3. What an amazing design you created. It looks fantastic!

  4. I love this design! I would never have thought of something just remotely similar :) You can be satisfied for sure :)

    1. Awww, thanks, sweetie! Really happy you liked it, too :D

  5. The final manicure is sooo gorgeous and elegenat, I can not take my eyes of it! The polish is quite pretty too!

    1. Thank you, hun! Really glad you liked it as well :)

  6. This is amazing! I can't stop staring at the bead and rhinestone placement! It totally looks like one giant stud, the spacing is so perfect!

    1. Awww, thank you so much for your sweet words, Lindsay :))

  7. OMG... You are truly gifted! How original, and how amazingly done! <3
    Did you use mini tweezers for the bead placement or do you just have supernatural powers? ;D


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