Friday, May 09, 2014

Panda's Big Dreams

Yesterday was ma Daddy's Birthday. My biggest heroe has turned 60years old and doesn't look like it one bit. He may be growing a bit grumpy but he's still the biggest in my eyes :)

That's why there was no blog post last night - it was fam celebration time!
And these are in Daddy's honor: for all he taught us (me and my sister) about dreaming big, but more than that, how he taught us to fight big for our big dreams.

I'll always look up to you, Papa - this one's for you:

I know I'm 30years old but really... cute is my language, everyone ;)

I was inspired by this cute panda .gif I found on google pictures 

I was feeling the background should be fresher than blue skies and went for a minty colour instead.

It just took two coats of Miyo Menta (No.43).
Minis usually do my head in but this colour is so beautiful I can't help but wear it ;)

I did some misty wisps of clouds, too, using the watercolour technique and some white acrylic paint.

And the whole design was done in acrylic paints as well.
I wish this had turned out a little more perfect - the tiny details are a bit blotchy. I think I need to buy a new detail brush, the hairs in mine are looking worn out and it shows in the things I draw.

My thumb is a perfect example of that ;(
Still love it though - it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.
And to think how a year back I would have deeemed this impossible, makes me quite proud :)

Give me your honest opinion about this one, lovelies.
Hope you have plans for a fantastic Friday - BF and I are going to cuddle up, watching Lego Movie (we're late to that, we know ;))

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Aww these are so cute! I love Pandas too!

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa - pandas are such cuties! :D


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