Monday, April 28, 2014

It's So Fluffy! (BornPrettyStore Review)

Now that Nail Art Week is over and done with, I wanted a fast easy mani to tackle Monday.
But I also wanted it to be cute and sweet at the same time.

A while ago I received these nail wraps (2#) from Born Pretty Store for review and seeing they fit all the above categories -  cute and fast all in one :) - that's what I went with.

Check it out:

Aren't they the cutest thing?

You know I love me some bright manis, so when I saw these I knew I wouldn't be able to resist them for long ;)

In terms of apliccation these were actually a breeze and apart from the nail bead area they fit snuggly and beautifully.
My nail bed is more round than square but I don't think it was outrageously evident, so no strees ;)

My favourite was the thumb fluffy creature - cute colours and most cute expression!
Love it!

Don't forget you can get these with Cubbiful's 10% off discount below

I hope you've enjoyed these - they sure made me giggle throughout this tiring, busy Monday - make sure you let me know;)

I'll be seeing you tomorrow - meanwhile, have an awesome evening, luvs <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. These are adorable! What fun nail wraps!

  2. Ooo 100% off discount?? Lol might be a typo :D Anywayyy- these are sooo cute I love how it's like a skittle with different colour fluffy balls, so adorable! xx

    1. Honey, you're life saver - typo corrected! Thank you so much! hhehehe
      Glad you liked these also - they sure make a cute fun skittle mani :D

  3. Que fofas, gostei muito

  4. Awesome. I loved those eyes :)
    Muacks**** <3

  5. Thse are overly cute!!! So adooooooorable! I am officially in love with your blog! <3

    1. Awww, thank you so much for the sweetest words, Batmomo - welcome and hope you have fun here ;)


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