Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Swatch Game: Purple Professional Hippie Collection

Purple Professional is one of my favourite Portuguese brands of nail polish.
Remember that black polish I always wear - Purple Professional No.18 ? 
If there's black in a manicure, that's the one I always go for ;)

Therefore, I was joyfully happy to receive three nail polishes from their brand new collection, the Hippie Collection.
And as to compensate you for my kind of absence since last Wednesday (shame on meeee), I have included nail art looks for each shade I swatched - so brace yourselves for a heavy photo post :))

First one up is:

Peace, man... (No.94)
And if this one doesn't calm every ansiety down, I don't know what will - look at this colour!!! Minty gorgeousness, I say.
I've applied two thin layers, which went on smoothly and dried rather quickly as well. The shine you see is the polish's own responsability - there's no topcoat here.

I went for a geometrical design with this one and used striping tape for the pink square.

The lines were freehanded.

And two of the colour I used in this design are the other two polishes I swatched.
Ready for the next one in line?

Here is...

Hippie Yey (No.96)
Yes, it's pink. Yes, it's neon. Yes, it's tricky to capture. But, also... Yes, it's amazing!!!
This one you have to mind your two coats as it is a slightly thicker formula (neons usually are). 
If your nails are short, with one coat you should be done. 
I applied two coats, as thin as I could, just to be sure and topcoated this one as this dries slightly matte.

I decided to pair it with a glitter topcoater on my index and pinkie.
Pretty, pretty!!!

And on my middle and ring fingers I tried a negative space manicure for the first time.

I applied my base coat and after that dried, I went and applied striping tape to it.

One coat of Hippie Yey on top and that was it.
This polish is great for tape manicures - it looks beautiful with just one coat.

And last, but not least:

Freedom (No.92)
(And if right now you're singing this, that's fine by me :))
'Cause this baby won't let you down!! It's the perfect Spring green!! Vibrant and pastel at the same time.
This is what two coats look like: although you get a kind of watery first coat, the second one settles the look without too much of a hassle.

And this is why I love swatches - they inspire you to try new things.
Here's my first glitter gradient to match this beautiful polish :)

I loved this so much I'm actually still wearing it!
Why haven't I done a glitter gradient before!!?!?

Should've gone for it ages ago, so good it looks!
I went for a thin glitter polish first and sponged it on the tips.

A chunkier glitter on top of that, with the same colours.
Lastly, and slightly above that one, a polish with bigger and some gold glitter pieces mixed :)

And that's it, hope you enjoyed this one - what's your favourite of the three? And what would you pair it with?

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far  - we have a somewhat cloudy day today but it's warm inside :) I feel like baking cookies! hehehe

Talk to you tomorrow, lovelies, have a good one <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wow all three colours are amazing and so vibrant! I also love the nail art you did with each of them :)

    1. Thank you, Robin!! I'm absolutely in love with all three :D

  2. Huge wow for the blue one! Amazing color;)

  3. Great manis you created with these shades! I love how bright they are.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! They're perfect for Spring, I'd say :D

  4. The colours are amazing!

  5. I am lusting after that bright lime!

    1. hehehe - I completely understand why, LaraLeaf ;)

  6. Beautiful bright colors, love them all!

    1. Yay!! Thank you, Manases Andrea :D

  7. Wow, I really love these colours! So bright and Springy! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! These do call for Spring, that's for sure ;)

  8. Oh gosh these looks beautiful!!

    1. Thank youuu - a compliment coming from you, dear! :D


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