Sunday, February 02, 2014

Valentine's Skittlete - Tutorial

What did I tell you? Not disappointed, I  hope ;)

This is my first tutorial ever! And I thought it best to start with something simple - it's my first time EVER doing it, so let's hope for some good feedback.

And I don't mean just nice things - throw me all the bad things I need to hear, too. 
Good advice is something we can never have enough :)

Onto it then - don't forget you can check the full manicure here.

First things first. You're gonna need quite some material.
You'll notice this: with skittletes there's no way your working desk won't end up full ;)
So, we have:
1) loose glitter + studs + holographic polish (Perfect Lady No.35)

2) glitter polishes (I went for two of each colour for a packed look, but two are enough ;))
Catrice Kitch Me If You Can + Essence Glorious Aquarius + Flormar No.GL02 + Flormar No.Gl06

3) base polishes (Bourjois Cotton Ton Sur Ton + Ludurana Marmorizado Arabesco + Beauty UK Grit FX Kensington + Flormar Light Summer No.LS05)

Start by applying your base coat - you want to protect your nails!
Yes, I know my nail are stained - no, it's not contagious ;)

Apply one coat of your jelly polishes on your index (Bourjois Cotton Ton Sur Ton) and pinkie (Flormar Light Summer No.LS05)
And cover your middle finger and ring finger with two coats for an even opaque look (Ludurana Marmorizado Arabesco and Beauty UK Grit FX Kensington).

Then apply your first glitter polish (the one with bigger pieces of glitter) on your index and pinkie (Catrice Kitch Me If You Can and Essence Glorious Aquarius).
You can also, pick you holo polish (Perfect Lady No.35) and do a curved line as shown, using the polishe's own brush.

Next, apply your second glitter polish - this step is optional, mind you - on your index and pinkie (Flormar No.GL02 and Flormar No.GL06).
Using the same holo polish as before, draw another curved line for the other side of the heart.

Now it's time to complete your jelly sandwich and apply your jelly/translucent polishes on your index and pinkie (Bourjois Cotton Ton Sur Ton and Flormar Light Summer LS05).
Next, give your heart a more put together look and adjust its shape using the holo polish and its own brush.

To complete the look, take your loose glitter and apply around your heart shape.
Apply blobs of any clear poilsh over your texturized polish and place studs on top of those blobs, so they'll stick to the nail.
And voilà! You're finished!

Six easy steps for a simple Valentine's Skittlete.
What do you think? Is this something you'd give a try?
Make sure you let me know if you do ;)

Also, let me know what you think of this tutorial - the photo shoot can be insane ;) 

Next time, I'll incorporate the tutorial with the manicure - this time, being the first, I wanted it to be a special one and a surprise ;)

Can't wait to read your feedback - hope you've liked it.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Amazing tutorial Mina! it's an adorable mani xx

    1. Awww, Char, thank you so much! You're always a darling **

  2. Great tutorial thanks!!! I'm following you now on GFC :)

    1. Thank you so much, Gretchen and welcome to Cubbiful! :)

  3. Lovely tutorial sweetie :* I wouldn't tell that it's your first time! And I think because of you I am starting to love jelly sandwiches <3

    1. Awww, honey, thank you so much!! I was excited and a bit anxious at the same time - I hope I'll get even better at it - making tutorials, although hard and time-consuming, is a lot of fun :)
      And I want to see your jelly sandwiches!! It's sooo simple and looks amazing ;)

  4. Gorgeous skittlete, love it even more with jelly glitter sandwich in it - and double!! :D Great :))

    1. Yay!! I'm in love with jelly sandwiches myself ;)
      Thank you so much, Niky! *

  5. OK descobri que já tinhas explicado como se fazia as jelly sandwiches! tenho que experimentar :D Isto é awesome! beijinhos

    1. heheheh - vais adorar! É tão simples mas o efeito é awesome! Adorava ver um anel teu com uma jelly sandwich ;)


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