Monday, February 10, 2014

I've Done It Again!

You know me already - when I see something I like I won't make peace with myself until I reach what I consider to be a good level of execution at it: you gotta take the bull by te horns, people! ;)

That and the fact that Polish All The Nails (aka Glitter Placement Ruler) post one gorgeous mani after the other...
this one is going to be another glitter placement mani, oh yes!

You see, my first attempt (click here to see if you haven't already), wasn't too bad, but this time I wanted something a tad more challenging, different shapes and all that jazz.

So here's what I made for myself, as a way to appease my ego ;)

I started it all with this lovely green shade: Anny Gree Racing Drag.
Everyone keeps telling me how green looks good on me and I'm starting to believe the rumours ;)

I didn't have any diamond shaped glitter but I had this cheap polish around, so... problem solved, right? ;)

I usually don't buy cheap polishes (they stink and you can only imagine what chemicals they have on them just by that) but I was going to just use the glitter, so I was good :)
And I loved the fact that it had three different shades of green glitter in it, so double yay!

Still, I caught some wonky shaped pieces and you can see a couple of those on my index finger
(by the time I get to my index finger, everything in me is already twitching so much, I start to miss out on these things).

Nonetheless, this manicure made my day - the colours looked great and the entire design looked so put together  :))

Of course the happy feeling only lasted as long as I didn't take my mani off. When I did, you wouldn't believe how badly this polish stained my nails! Oh, we're not wearing you again, you bad boy! Not nice!

But, alas, some intensive nail care and my nails are back to their normal shade - polish-stained yellow rather than angry-Hulk green ;)

Let me know if you liked this one (although I don't see how could you not :P hahaha) and be warned: there might be a couple more like this coming about - hope you don't mind.

You gotta make your Mondays happy days, too, after all - hehehe

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wow I love what you did with the glitter polish here! Must have taken a while to place each glitter on your nails but the end result is amazing!

    1. Thank you, Lisa - it did take a while but when the result is this pretty, you forget all about it ;)

  2. These are so beautiful! I love the bright and cheery colors. It's like having a blooming Spring on your nails! You are getting so good at the glitter placement sweetie :* I love the nails that are just halfway done. I think it gives a nice contrast to the whole one.
    As for the stained nails, I got that too the other day (from a blue polish). I mixed some lemon with baking soda and rubbed the paste on my nails and the stains were gone.

    1. hehehe - I guess I'm wanting Spring more than I know ;)
      Thank you so much for your awesome comment and tips, hun - I manage to clear my nails from the stain with a lot of remover and some scrubbing with tooth paste ;)

  3. I see, you became as loose-glitter-placement addicted as me, haha!
    Great job :)

    1. And it's oh so good, is it not, sweetie? ;) hehehe


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