Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cat Valentine's Mani

If you're sick of Valentine's nails, just remember Valentine's is all about love - not necessarily a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

There's friends. There's family. There's... CAAAATS!!!!
I am a proud and happy adopted human of three lovely, adorable, squishy and fluffy cats - they're mine and I'm theirs. And I sure will be showering them with extra treats this Valentine's.

Wait... is this making me look weird?! Am I scaring you? No wait, come back! I've got pictures! ;)
hehehe - here's my three little devils: Olívia Pinypon, Hermes Tander and Júlio César <3

How could I not make a Valentine's mani for them, right? And hell with it if that makes me a weird person ;)
I came up with the final design after seeing this cute phone case (click here) and this is the final result:


I sarted with one coat of Bellaoggi Golden Sand (No.9).
Yes, this is a one-coater <3

The cat was all made with polish and not acrylics (yay!): I've used Beauty UK Midnight Iris, a gorgeous dark, almost black, blue polish. Sadly, it's a stainer and I won't be wearing it again but it still looks pretty here :)
I've added a sparkly rhinestone, just because it was looking rather sad without it and I felt it needed some awesomeness ;)

 Next up in the menu was some love and for that, I chose these mini heart pieces, which match the little meow's eyes ;)
They look soooo adorable - love their effect <3

And voilà! Cat Valentine's Mani done! :)
And it looks oh so pretty! And cute too!

Let me know if you're also a cat lover - if not, just say what animal lover you are; we love all animals around here. And while you're on it, write me what you think of this mani ;)

Have a lovely evening, my non-furry lovelies, and talk to you tomorrow!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Sweetie, I love this and I love your phone case inspiration! You know already that I am a cat lover and this mani is such a beautiful way to cherish out furry creatures ;) I am loving the heart glitter action going on there and the cute eyes you made on the kitty. And that nail polish from Bellaoggi is just a stunner! Great job :*

    1. heheeh - yes, I know ;))
      Thank you for being always so sweet in your comments - happy you loved it just as much as I did **

  2. Birds, i love birds. I think they are so cute and fluffy. Of course your cats are so sweet.
    And Mina lovely manicure as always :)

    1. Thank you so much, Irmak! And, I knew birds would be your favourite! :))

  3. Your kitties are so cute. I'm a cat lover too (along with any other animal- nothing is too ugly/scary for me to love). Awesome nails too. I hope you and the fluffers have a wonderful Valentine's day.

    1. Thank you, Erin - they certainly are adorable :))
      And you're right, no animal is too ugly/scary for some love ;) Thank you so much and have a great Valentine's, too! **

  4. Aww so cute!! Love these kitty manicures :)

  5. Ownnnn, your cats are so cute. I'm dying to move to a new place and have enough space to have one. Your mani is the cutest ever. Love these green hearts.

    Have a great afternoon and Happy Valentine's Day!
    GioNails | Facebook::Gio_Nails

    1. hehehe - thank you so much, Giovanna! I hope you get what you want soon - I, too, know what it was like for me waiting to move so I could adopt a little meow :)

  6. WOW :)
    I saw them yesterday :)
    Love you ***

  7. I love your love letter to your cats nails :) have a kitten now who's a biting terror but I still love her lots. Send my love and kisses to your darlings!

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Janice! :)
      Here's some cuddles to your furry kitten **

  8. Cute nails! Did you get those heart things from the dollar tree? I got a 6 pack of that confetti type in different shapes and they came in the same kind of package thats why I ask. I love using them for my nails too!

    1. I live in Portugal - we don't have the dollar tree - but I got them from one of such kind shops, yes ;)
      Thank you for your comment, darling *


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