Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cherries or Plums?

I was hesitant (and still am) to show these to you. 

And that has to do with two main things: 

(1) I wanted cherries on my nails but these rather look like plums than any cherries I've seen!
Look at those! Talk about supersize!

(2) see how the topcoat bubbled up!?!?!?
(It's not my fault it's so cold outside I need the heating on!)

I still love the combination of the whole look and apparently I'm not the only one (little sister's demanded I do cherries on her nails tonight! lol).
I love the holographic base - Layla Jade Groove - and I like the dotted background too, very pop art like, which I love, and the different sized dots just add depht (?) to the design somehow.

But then the cherries... I did then in acrylic paint, starting with black first and may have exaggerated their real size - lol -.-'
I filled the black shapes with pink (I  wanted pop art cherries, not real ones) and green for the stems.

Overall it's not too bad, but the bubbles and the supersized cherries got on my nerves, these only lasted me this morning! hahaha

Do you have this as well? 
Your mani doesn't come out as good as you'd wanted them, but then you still want to give them a second chance and you bravely leave the house with it.
Only eventually you can't go on carrying that manicure on your nails and you have to take it off! We, polish geeks are such babies! hahaha

Anyway, I'll show you tomorrow what I wore during the afternoon ;)
Have a cosy Saturday evening, lovelies.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh I so know the feeling, somehow some days nothing looks right. But I love your cherries/plums!! ;) They're fantastic, love the pop art feeling.

    1. hehehe - sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it just won't do that click ;)
      But I'm happy you liked these nonetheless - thank you so much, Elin! :D

  2. Lovely <3

  3. Wow these look awesome!

  4. Ok, (A) I LOVE these! and (B) Never would anything other than cherries have popped in my head upon seeing these if you hadn't said anything!

    1. Awww, Stacy - you're a darling! Thank you for such an awesome comment - you really made me feel better about these! :D

  5. O wow, I LOVE that!! :) Very cool!


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