Monday, January 20, 2014

This One Is For You

I intended to write this post on the day of my one year blogversary (in five days) but because of some events I just somehow couldn't wait. Please read it all, you'll understand :)

Some lovely ladies, who also happen to be great bloggers, decided to tell the world I exist.

It all started when Debbie (The Crumpet) listed me on her 2013 Review - Blogs to Watch in 2014 post (click here) - my New Year's Eve dancing was a lil' more enthusiastic thanks to that :)

Thank you, Debbie: your recognition of my work made me try to step up the game for this year - not only in terms of nailart, but also in terms of simpler manis that everyone can recreate :)

This weekend, some kind Instagrammers also decided telling the world I existed: nailsofserenity, vrkttynails and lilrednails. I've started on Instagram not even two months ago, so it means a lot to have you showing how much you appreciate what I do, by sharing my page - thank you!

And yesterday, when I got home, Cubbiful Facebook page had gone up almost 150 likes! 
And that I own to my good friend Paulina (Paulina's Passions), who told the world about me on her facebook page - thank you, my dear :)

But most importantly, this manicure is dedicated to all of you - both old and new followers - my companions on this journey.

You lift me up when I'm in a bad mood whenever a fail mani makes its appearance. 
You cry with me whenever a darn nail gets broken ;)
You make me feel even more amazing when a pretty mani comes out just the right amount of perfect 

most of all...

You're always here for me - even when I'm short on time or stressed out - you never cease to let me know you're here, by commenting most sweetly and kind on my posts.

It means the world to me. And it keeps me going. For real.
So, now that you read all this like true champions, here's what I gotta say to you, short and sweet:

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Congrats on all those accomplishments! Wonderful manicure too :)

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! :D
      *happy happy*

  2. Awww congrats on everything Mina! :) You definitely deserve the attention.. you've been posting consistently with great content and that takes some real dedication!!

    1. Awww, sweetie, thank you! It's been a pleasure and great fun, really ;)

  3. Happy one year blogversary Mina. I'm so glad to have met you ^.^

    1. And I you, darling! Thank you so much, Irmak - we'll celebrate again, on the 25th - the real blogversary date ;)

  4. I just discovered you thanks to The Crumpet's blog and I love your blog already. Congrats on your first year! Wishing you continued success. You are very talented and I appreciate you sharing your art.


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