Saturday, January 11, 2014

'Cause. I. Am. A. Superwoman!

Yes, I am! (yes, she is!)

And why is that, you might be asking yourselves.
Well, I'm finally posting this for you. The mani I'm going to show you was done Monday night, at odd hours (I'm too much of a night owl, for my own good) and it lasted me till today.

I still have it on as I'm typing this, actually, and I think this makes it officially the longest time I've worn a manicure for since I started blogging about my nails, almost a year ago.

And why is that, you might be asking yourselves again.
Well, because my camera decided to go onto its death bed, unexpectadly, leaving me hanging on. True.

After trying to make it work for the gazillionth time rather unsuccessfully I must say, and after borrowing my sister's camera only to find out the quality wasn't as good so I wouldn't be able to post them (OCD killing me every step of the way), I finally went and bought a new camera - having two jobs at a time pays off eventually, you see ;)

This manicure is a simple one yet I can't help but think it's also a great one - you'll see:

If you're thinking it, know you got it right: while painting this I had this song on replay ;)

And I'm calling myself a superwoman, because despite everything going on with my camera I ddin't lose it, I kept this mani on and here it is!
Of course I owe a lot to the people who put up with me these days - trust me, I wasn't in a good mood! hahaha
So, BF, my love, thank you. 
Mom, Dad, lil' Sis, thank you. And Paulina, sweetie, thank you!

This baby is the main responsible for this mani. 
I bought it last week and the moment I put it on my nails all I could think of was Superman's suit! (check out the link if you're a fan ;)) And I'm not even a fan of Superman, go figure! hehehe

Anyway, this is Kiko 440 Electron Blue, from their Digital Lacquer limited collection.
This is a translucent blue base, packed with blue and silver glitter.
It proved opaque enough in two coats but I gave it three, just 'cause I'm demanding ;)

Have a look at all the glitter in it!!
That and check my camera's new awesome feature: microscope mode! <3
Yes, yes, I'm a happy girl all over again :)

Superman's logo was done using nothing but acrylic paint and as with all my designs this one came out this good after some really hard work.
I wasn't born with a natural drawing ability and whereas a 'gifted' person might have done this in, let's say, 15/20min, this took me almost 45min to be done with.
(And that's no joke!)

One last pic - there's been too many, I know, but I just want to show you something:
check out the white nail space from my nail bed to the polish.
That's how fast my nails grow! It'd been a while since I'd last witnessed it in person but here it is.
In only what four days? Oh yeah! :))

And that's it! Today is sunny, which I think you can tell by this picture and that also helps make it all better!
I'm happy I could finally share this one with you - I hope you've liked it as much as I have.
Now I'm off to take this one off and do something else amazing in its place!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to be Superwomen and Supermen wherever you are! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I love that song and I love your mani! You're really a supertalented superwoman:))
    Oh, may I ask you about the camera? I'm thinking about new one and your takes a great photos so what's the model?:)

    1. Hello, E.! Thank you for your supersweet comment ;)
      I bought Pentax Optio WG-1 - not a fancy, sleek, elegant looking one and certainly not what anyone's first choice would be, but the macro (and microscope mode) are fantastic considering the price you can get it for (under 200€) - hope I've helped! :)

  2. Thanks! I'll check it:)

  3. This is such a fun manicure! Love the accent nail and the blue is absolutely stunning too :)

    1. :)) Thank you, Lisa!!! I'm in love with this polish myself! ;)

  4. Love it, so bright and powerful!!!

    1. :)) Great you liked it - thank you, darling!

  5. What a fantastic blue. And your drawing skills are fab!

    1. Agree! This polish is to die for! :) Thank you for such a nice comment, Claire **

  6. Honey, putting up with you is a pleasure :) I am so happy that you are loving your new camera! The quality is great and I am sure you are going to shoot some amazing pictures with it. As for the mani, this is just perfection! The blue color is a true Superman color and the logo was worth every single minute you spend making it :) Great stuff.

    1. Awww, you're the best, sweetie! :)) Meeting you has been one of the best things about this nail blogging passion ;)
      Thank you for your sweet as ever comment <3

    2. <3 You are too sweet!

  7. Such a cute mani mina! I'm glad you've managed to get a new camera, I remember when mine broke I was devastated! x

    1. Thank you, Char!! **
      And yes, although it might sound ridiculous to some, when your camera does not cooperate it's a near end-of-the-world situation ;) lol


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