Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nail Fail Starring Le Striping Tape

The title to this post pretty much says it all already and since it's half past two in the morning, I promise to keep it a short one.

So: fail mani + odd hours = short post

The look I was trying to go for was «festive».
I guess this is just... meh!

I started it all off with two coats of Bellaoggi Plastic Violet.
* pretty pretty *

After cutting I don't know how many pieces of striping tape, I stared applying it to my nails but the darn thing is too slick and does not adhere easily - uff!

I topped each nail with a top coat as I finished applying the tape but here are still parts were you can see it's not perfectly stuck to the nail - meh!

This one just goes to remind me why I don't use tape unless I'm going to paint over it - it's annoying to cut it, I can never get it to stick and stay and it just looks... I don't know... weird and badly done!

So, why am I posting this? 'Cause regardless of everything the contrasting colours are still pretty awesome!
Although this one is NOT going to be my New Year's Eve mani, for sure! ;)

See you tomorrow, lovelies!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Great job on the taping!

    1. It's not all that great but you rock just for motivating me! :) Thank you*

  2. I hate working with tape, too - whether I'm going to paint over it or not... but it's cute nonetheless!

    So I just saw that you're one of The Crumpet's blogs to watch in 2014! That's amazing and well deserved. Congrats, sweetie, and a happy new year!

    1. Honey, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have one of my New Year's best presents ever ;)
      thank you for the heads up and for the sweetest comment on The Crumpet about me - you just hit that soft spot of mine *cosy hug* and an awesome 2014, sweetie! <3

  3. I love the colors on these! Striping tape is really blah sometimes... but then again macro photos are pretty unforgiving, I'm sure they looked perfect from a little farther away!

    1. Awww, thank you for being so nice! Macro photos can be a bit demotivating, yes, but I'm glad you loved the colours on these most of all :DD


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