Friday, November 22, 2013

The Swatch Game - Flormar Autumn-y Shades

Phew! It's good to be back! I missed talking to you all!

My computer decided to go on vacation to Malware Land and it was practically impossible to reach him! He hasn't yet made a total comeback but I found a little glitch just 'cause BF is oh so clever ;)

I've been doing my mani everyday, despite the two job thing and I have so many pretty things to show you!!!!

It won't be all at once - I promise to control myself - so let's just start with these Autumn-y swatches from Flormar polishes :)

Introducing Flormar P118 - what's with choosing numbers for pretty polishes? Jeez! - a nice chocolately brown shade I wish suited my skin colour ;(
Still I think it's a nice shade to have in my 'Nail Art Collection' even if not in my 'Polish 2 Wear' one :)

It applies okay - not the smoothest of all but okay - and you'll need two coats for an even look.
They say this is from their Supermatte collection but what you see here has no topcoat on top of it. I'd say it's pretty shiny on its own, wouldn't you? 

Next in line is Flormar P107, which I haven't been able to fully capture on pictures. This is more of a deep velvety-like red than this bright one you see here, believe me. 
It has a nice deep tone to it, very Winter-chic ;)

I have to say though that this is probably the worst red polish I own.
The application of this baby is nightmarish: the formula is too watery and it floods your cuticles like it's the Monsoon. 
Not only that, this is a stainer, ladies! You'll have to work hard (and fast) to clean up your cuticles and once you take this one off, your nails will need a scrub with some whitening toothpaste, trust me! :/

I saved the best for last! This gorgeous military green I'm so in love with is Flormar P124.
It's a baby angel in terms of application: no need to fuss to get it even, no cuticle flooding, no staining afterwards.
That and I think it compliments my skin dearly :D

I can definitely see me wearing more of this cutie throughout winter and, why not?, the rest of the year. It's one of those shades that are always fashionable and can look both elegant and edgy. 

What do you think? Again, as with the two other polishes, this is meant to be from their Supermatte collection - say what? - but I've used no topcoat and I can definitely see some shine ;)

It feels so good knowing I can finally share and talk to you again, I'm actually posting this after getting home from my second job! hahahaha - missed you all, I guess :D
So let me know what's your favourite polish from the three and I'll be seeing you tomorrow <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. que cores lindas e tão outonais! gostei especialmente da última tonalidade :)

    1. Me too!! Definitivamente a minha preferida! :)


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