Monday, October 21, 2013

Why People Fear Clowns!

Today's mani is another one suited for Halloween!
Surprinsily many people have a phobia of clowns and find them scary and creepy and avoidable at all costs.

I don't include myself in that category but after searching for scary clowns, I could understand why all the paranoia around what I till then thought were circus characters ;)

I'm a sucker for horror movies and such and archived some pictures on my Pinterest board for future inspiration (who knows?).
For today's mani I went with something less scary and likely to give me midnight nightmares ;)

So, picking this picture as my inspiration, this is what I came up with:

Bam! Did I manage to scare you?
Hopefully just a little bit and not too much :)
If I take a good look at it, I must confess it's not as scary (nor as similar) to the original as I had intended, but I'd still put it on the scary side - how about you?

As you can see, I didn't manage to fit the whole design on just one nail, opting to do his joker hat pattern on the remaining nails, instead.
I quite like the contrast - you have a pretty pastel quilted pattern on the one hand and then a weird looking, definitely creepy clown like.

Although the original clown had really even teeth, I wanted mine to have them a bit more on the crooked side and I gotta say it's my favourite part.
I think the eyes came out pretty okay as well and I just wish I'd been able to make his facial features more accurate in that part around his nose - that came out as a bit of a failure.

Still, I was pretty happy with these, mostly because I suck at drawing faces and facial expressions and I managed to give this lil' buddy a real scary and intimidating aura, don't you think?
And! I looooved the quilted pattern! I will surely be doing another one of this soon, maybe with more Autumn like colours - what do you think?

Let me know how you feel about this one, down in the comment section below and hope your week has started in the most awesome of ways!

See you tomorrow.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Have you seen this cover illustration for Stephen King's IT by Dobrosav "Bob" Živković?

    I think it's one of the best evil clowns ever, if not the best.
    It gave me nightmares as a kid.

    (And I love Bob Živković's work in general.)

    1. You know what, Ana? I might actually do an inspired by it mani! Outstanding!
      I can totally understand the nightmares ;) Thank you for sharing, sweetie **

    2. Oh, please do :D !

    3. And it was my pleasure.

  2. Oh I think the nose came out really good sweetie :) I am loving the whole thing. You did such a great job. Really amazing. And the pattern on the rest of your nails complements so well. I can't wait for more spooky thing :D

    1. Really? I'm never good with noses, so thank you hun! :)
      I'll try to go for a 'traditional' Halloween look soon, but I just can't get enough of the scary things ;)

  3. wow, creepy:D
    and I love a quilted pattern! Looks amazing:)

    1. hehehe - thank you, Ela! **
      And this was actually my first time doing the quilted pattern and I fell in love myself :)


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