Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Love, by Zi

A couple days ago I showed you my first Pon & Zi manicure. Today I'm bringing you another one, just because it's impossible to close the door, once you've gone that way ;)

I chose a cartoon I felt could adapt to the Halloween theme (you can see it here), but still be quite a very weird and creepy way, but romantic nonetheless... I guess...

Without further ado, here's some Halloween Love, by Zi (told you he was the darkest personality of them both ;))

Told you it was a creepy kind of romantic... hahahaha
The weather's all grey and rainy, so excuse the bad lighting in today's photos ;(

The caption is the best for me - so you get all gutted, Zi, take out all your insides, heart included, just to show Pon? You're insane! :D

I started with a matte green polish - Coral Matt Effect No.408 - and then did all the drawing using acrylic paints.
I improvised the background a bit and made it 'dirty', by sponging a mix of grey, white and black polishes.

What do you think of these for a different Halloween mani? Would you wear it or is it just too creepy? ;)
I loved it although I got some weird looks in public transportation hahaha

Hope you're having an awesome weekend.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh I love this little creeper :) These are perfect or Halloween!

  2. Love the character :D And your nails are cute :)

    1. The character totally rocks! Thank you so much, Elin :)

  3. I love it and don't find it that creepy ^^ The caption is amazing, and your execution is just flawless ^^!

    1. Yey!!! :)
      Thank you so much, sweetie!! **


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