Thursday, September 26, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern? Rubik Cube meets Disco Ball!

And now you're thinking...'erm...wasn't it supposed to be inspired by a pattern?'

Well, to me Rubik Cube has a pattern. A pattern you must follow in order to solve it, that is.
I love the damn thing but have never (not even once) managed to successfully solve one! Soooo hard!

So, I chose the good ol' 'child's toy' as inspiration to today's mani :)

And why Disco Ball?... See for yourselves:

Here's  my Disco Rubik! :D
Don't ask why but I had this urgent insane need to wear glittery golden polish! 
Do you know pregnant women and their food desires? Well, this polishaholic just had to get herself some glitter! ;)

I actually had decided on the accent nails before attempting the Rubik tape mani and I gotta say there was some good karma involved, 'cause these Rubik nails gave me a headache and I had gone and done them on all nails I would've gone mad!

See the bits where the squares look... well, funky? That's because there were just too many spaces to fill in! 
So, when I was finishing the last couple squares, the first ones were already too dry and when  taking off the tape, the polish would rip and come off with it - gahhhh!!!

Eventually I had to retouch some squares but still it's nowhere near a flawless look.
If I had to suggest something to anyone trying this it would be 'go with acrylics!' :) They won't rip when dry!
Nevertheless these were funky and fun to wear and granted me a couple of stary-eyes from people in the bus ;)

Hope you've enjoyed it as much as well. 
Tomorrow is inspired by artwork and I think I'm aiming too high so let's see how it goes tonight - wish me luck ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. fuck, kidding me? ta perfeito! adoro o cubo magico, o maximo que faço é uma face xD

    1. I know, right!? Tenho o mesmo problema - não passo de um lado ;)
      obrigada pelo super comment! muacks*

  2. Ohh I love them :) I am so glad you added glitter to this design. It makes it a lot more fun and interesting. As for the tape manis... I have a love-hate relationship with them... the tape dragging, the dryness... oh we all know it too well. Nevertheless, you managed great! Lovely design :)

    1. hehehe - happy to hear the glitter was a good choice; thank you, sweetie ;)
      And you're right - one can't love a tape mani when doing it, but it's impossible not to adore it once it's done :D

  3. This is so COOL! I like you added golden glitter! It makes this mani so chic!))

    1. Yey!!! Thank you! Happy you liked it, too, Anastasia - the combo did make me happy ;)

  4. Haha! Loved the title and love the mani! In fact I love the contrast ^^
    Soooo you're a snake lover! Yes, Mina! YES! :D What were the odds of combinig that and the love for nail art? ;) So do you own any?

    1. Helllooo!! Sorry the awfully late reply! ;(
      Thank you for your super comment and indeed - what are the odds? I don't own a snake unfortunately - I already have three cats and the budget's already small (although I know how little food they need when compared to three kitty kats ;))
      I 'lived with one' though for six months when I did Erasmus - another student had a gorgeous orange and yellow one <3

  5. The Rubik's cube is a brilliant idea and looks so great especially with the glitter. I often get that need to wear glitter nail polish though I'm not pregnant!

    1. hahaha - glad you liked the combo, lolly! :D
      luckily I'm not pregnant, either, so I get to paint my nails as often as I want ;)

  6. bem, que unhas bem alegres!

    1. Obriagda! É para ver se se enxota este tempo ruim ;)


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