Wednesday, September 25, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 24: Inspired by a Book? Mafalda!

I don't think my brain functions properly! I think my ideas come with a budget! hahaha
I've been seeing amazing manis from people doing this challenge, regarding this trimester of the (to me) dreaded 'inspired by' section.

And I'm... like... struggling, really struggling to come up with ideas! What on earth!?
Anyways, I didn't post this mani yesterday as I felt I had, just HAD, to do justice to Mafalda (by Spanish cartoonist Quino)!

As freehanding on my nails didn't work too well for me to actually post them, I decided I'd have to repeat it, this time doing my own Mafalda stickers.

I'll explain: (trying) to paint small detailed things on my nails is just too hard sometimes. They're naturally curved (duh! all nails are!) and I can't make the designs neat enough to actually fill all the nail bed space.

Do you know what I mean? Let me show you ;)

See this? Inspired by this picture here.
I though I could have coloured it but, really, just drawing these drained all my strenght from me! ;)

See the bits of the each drawing that accompany the curve of the nail? No way I'd be able to do it on my nail. 
So, I applied clear polish on a piece of plastic (more or less 3/4 coats) and after waiting for it to dry for about 2/3 hours, I took my nail art brush and black acrylic paint and tried my best to follow the original drawing - what do you think?
I also found out this is a great way to spice up my right hand more often! ;)

Mafalda was my first and I gotta say I got better as I drew the rest of my favourite characters.
I just wish I'd nailed her a little more perfectly.
You see, she's this really curious child, with a great (and accurate) sense of the world around her - specially politics - and she's got the most ironic lines, full of humour and truth! ;)
Oh! And she hates soup! Impossible not to love her! <3

Then, for the pinkie, I chose, her lil' brother - Gui - quite naïve although with some enlightened remarks as well (it must run in the family ;))

is next - now, he's ingenuity in person, always contemplating and sharing his own life philosophy. He's so positive towards life and without malice, that it's hard not to feel like hugging him all the time! :)

is the 'capitalist' of them all - he works at his dad grocery store and he's very practical about the things that matter in life, although, deep down, he can be quite romantic too, in his own stern way. He likes Susanita ;)

, whom you can see in my finger, is the 'traditional' type of woman - all she thinks about is getting married and having babies! She can be quite selfish at times but is always incredibly straightforward and always goes in defence of a friend, so I guess she's alright! ;)

Look for the cartoon if you don't know it already - it's worth it, trust me! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This is so great. I am really speechless! ALL the characters are amazing and the description fits perfectly :) My favorite is Miguelito and I agree with the philosophy of his life haha. Amazing job sweetie! You worked hard and it payed off :)

    1. Yeepeee! :) Thank you so much, sweetie * I was pretty proud myself ;)
      Miguelito is the sweetest - you should try to read the comics: they're worth it! (maybe try finding them online? ;))

  2. I've never heard about this book but this mani is very fun and graphical! Like it!

    1. Thank you so much, Anastasia - if you have the time, look for it online ;)
      It's quite fun and satirical! <3

  3. I just want to hug your right now for having Mafalda & co. on your nails. I LOVE this comic, and I do since I was a little little child... Apparently Mafalda stands for my name in portuguese, and that's how it all started! I love her, but I love her brother too. I wouldn't be able to choose. Well, enough blabbering! Those nails are fantastic, honestly!

    1. Awww, thank you so much for the huge smile on my face! :) I'm such a huge fan myself!! <3
      And I can't decide on my favourite either.

  4. wow, it's very creative :) I like it :)

    1. Thank you :)) It's all Mafalda's credit - she and her gang are awesome ;)


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