Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Back To School!!! - Day 2

WARNING: this may be a somewhat lenghty post filled with irrelevant moochi-moochi reminiscing - you have been warned! :)

Today's theme? ABCs

And why is this bound to be lenghty and moochi-moochi? Because, apart from always having been a child who loved school, I loved learning my ABCs - learning how to read and write were definitely of the best moments in my life! :D

Ever since I learned to walk, I used to always have a book on me (Mom and Dad can atest to it) and you could hear me 'reading' in my babbling baby language whatever stories little me thought those weird paintings (letters) told.

I've got to thank Mom and Dad for all the books they bought me and all the incentive they always showered me with! Till this day, reading is still something I cannot go by without if I want to keep my mind a sane one ;) 
'Cause you know what?, READING TOTALLY ROCKS <3

That being said, and trying to keep it short, this is my ABCs mani:

Doing these letters and words with a brush was very much like learning how to write all over again! ;)
When I look at these I remember my first grade teacher, one of the awesomest teachers I've ever had!
She was strict as strict can be but did we learn well!
She wouldn't allow rubbers on her class, so we had to be careful with what we wrote and how we did it, because there was no erasing any mistakes we might make.
That lady did teach us a great lesson for our entire lives: think before you do anything!
Thank you, teacher Sara! <3

As for the manicure and trying to leave reminiscing out of this ;)
I started with white for the background, using the last droplets of my most cherished but now gone OPI Alpine Snow.

I then took my nail art brush (the two of us have been getting very attached to each other lately ;)) and did the blue lines and the pink margin with acrylic paints.

For my thumb and pinkie, I did the first five letters you learn - the vowels :)
Do you remember practising them on your little notebooks?! 
I filled so many pages with these!!

And last, but not least, I wrote some of the words I remember practising over and over again when the consonants were introduced  and we had to learn how they sounded with the vowels (this is getting me all teary, dammit! hahaha)
I wrote the words in Portuguese - hmmm...wondering if anyone will look up what they mean ;)

Just kidding - after such a long post, I've probably drained you from all your energy! ;)
Hope you liked this one anyway - it'll forever hold a special place in my gallery <3

Make sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts and feelings about it and check everyone else's ABCs manis ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh sweetie, I have no words for your lovely words :D
    I am really amazed by these. Not only the precision you made them with, but also the whole story behind it. I love reading such posts, where you can learn something about a blogger and your store is certainly memorable and as sweet as you can imagine.
    I actually looked up some of the words and I guess they are very first words you learn at the first grade? Car, ball, nurse? :)
    Great mani sweetie! <3

    1. You looked them up!!! Huge smile on my face right now! :DD
      That will be correct! Some of the very first words, yes!
      And thank you for such an awesome comment, sweetie - so happy you liked it all (reading included) and it's great to share such hearty stories with you <3

  2. Fui o primeiro a vê-las.
    Estão linnnnnnnnndddaaaaass!

    1. Foste sim!!!! E o primeiro a dizer que estavam lindas! :)
      <3 u

  3. Its so Awesome. I really love the detailing and I can totally understand the effort u put up in the mani. Great post thumbs up :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Anita, for such a nice comment! Happy you liked them and understood where it all came from :D

  4. it's a gorgeous mani <3

  5. So cute! Totally looks like a note book on your nails :)

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what I was going for - glad it's recognizable ;) hehhe

  6. Really cute! I hear they don't even teach cursive in school anymore...seems a shame - thou have to say no one could read mine after about my 3rd yr in college!

    1. hahaha - I know: university ruins our first teachers best efforts ;)
      And it is a pity indeed, cursive isn't taught anymore :(

  7. Very detailed nail art...great job!


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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