Saturday, July 27, 2013

Butterfly Flowers

... are totally part of a new species, created by me!

And I decided to create them on my nails after seeing this tutorial by The Lacquerologist ;)

I had already tried the dragged empty brush technique (just named it like this, yes) in this mani, remember?

So, when I saw Emily's post yesterday, I knew I had to recreate it... with a slight colourful change of course ;)

Wanna see?

Who's rocking the most gorgeous pearly white ever?!!? ME!!!!
And can you believe this baby is a one coater? Well, this is 
Bellaoggi Pearl White No.08, ladies! 
I bet everyone here has had the most frustrating mani efforts with a pearly white that is annoyingly translucent and such! Am I right ? 
Onwards with the mani, though, I'll swatch this baby for you later and show it off on Facebook, so keep an eye on it :)

So, then I got three gorgeous neon polishes and did the empty brush draggin thing
yellow - Dermac√©lsia Fluor Yellow 
pink - Bitty Professional No.09
green - Bitty Professional No.11

I then picked up my Golden Rose Nail Art No.128 purple striper and drew the petals for the flowers on the sides of each nail.
They're not perfect but I guess with this design what you're aiming at is a sketchy look rather than a neat and perfect flower drawing :)

To finish it, I did the flower's middle in black with Jade Rose No.61 and some dots using the same Bellaoggi polish.
And that was when I noticed they kind of also reminded me of butterfly wings! :)

How do you like these? Are they a good recreation of Emily's? 
Check it out here and after seeing mine let me know what you think ;)

Have a fantastic weekend, lovelies! <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I've seen both manis and I can say I like yours the most because it's more colorful and I like the final result!
    Great job, hun!!!

    1. Awwww, that's so sweet of you - really a huge compliment!
      Thanks, sweetie :D

  2. p.s: I've tagged you here :)

    1. Sounds like great fun! Must try to work my time to make it ;)
      Thank you, Valens! **

  3. I love the purple edges of the leafs, just beautiful! And with the white as a base color all the other colors really pop.

    1. It's the magic of white ;)
      Happy you liked them as much as I did **

  4. Oh Mina! This is sooo amazing :) You know how much I love flowers and these are just stunning! I am loving the colors you chose and the blue outline works just perfectly :) <3

    1. I know, I know - flowers are our thing ;) hehehe
      Happy you really liked these, sweetie! *muacks*

  5. Mina, I like your flowers so much :)

  6. Your base color is really wonderful!! And flowes are so beautiful!!

    1. It is an amazing shade and a great quality polish also! :D
      Thank you for your sweet comment, Anastasia **

  7. A gorgeous one coater white nail polish? Are you joking? :D It's some sort of Holy Grail!!!!!

    I'm deeply in love with this nail art <3 colour combo, technique, final look...everything's perfect!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? :D
      I'm in love with this polish and restraining from using it in every single mani hehehe ;)
      Thank you for such an awesome comment, darling! **


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