Saturday, June 22, 2013

In A Circular Motion

... was my  motto for today's manicure.
Yesterday's was pretty busy, so I opted for something a little simpler today :)

Can you tell the sun is shining like a mad man, all smiles and warmth and I don't want to write a lot in this post, 'cause I wanna go outside? 

You got it! :))

But I promise I'll compensate on the photos ;)

Oh, how I have missed my lovely texturized polishes! :D
I did my nails using Kiko Sugar Mat No.641 (the matte lilac one) and No.634 (the shimmery pink one).

Then I took my brown Staedtler Permanent marker and did these squiggly round thingies - how do you call these?
My thumb is my favourite - love how it came out! It almost looks stamped! :D
Index and pinkie didn't come out nearly as good - haha -.-'

And these last two photos were taken in the shade, just so you can tell me if there's a difference in my skin in these photos and those above, when I'm in the sun.
Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I think the sun makes my skin have this weird orange tone - hahaha

Let me know if it's true or just insane paranoia from me and hope you liked this one.
And now, off to the beach I go! Yeyyyy! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Love this manicure! I am a sucker for pinks - and the pastel pink on your long- and ringfinger! = love *-* but I like the idea of using a permanent marker, seems so simple ;; yet so effective! And I don't think your skintone looks orange; just gives it a nice tan! :'D and by the way.. So jealous of your wether! It's raining here D;

    1. Thank you so so much, Simone, for such a cool comment! :)
      The markers only come out with either alcohol or normal polish remover ;)
      Water does nothing to the ink, so whatever you draw will stay put :D
      Hope you get some sunshine sun, sweetie! **

  2. This is simple but so beautiful!!! But I have a question. Won't this marker disappear if you wash your hands?

    1. Oh, I've just read about these markers and have another question :) Do you manage to remove it with an ordinary nail polish remover? :)

  3. Mina I love it. It's so cute and so girly :)

    1. Yeyyy! Thank you so much, Irmak! :D

  4. Wow Mina :) They look like stamps, I can't believe that you actually draw it...! Amazing :) These textured nail polishes are fantastic. Funny that I don't own a single textured nail polish!

    1. Thank you sweetie!! :D
      And you have to get at least one texturized polish (I think I said this already before hahah).
      If nothing else but to give it a try and see if you like it ;)

  5. achei imensa piada à textura, nunca tinha visto tal! e os doodles estão super queridos, costumo desenhar assim no caderno quando estou aborrecida, ahah

    1. Me too!!! hahaha
      Tens de experimentar destes vernizes - o acabamento é único! Eu, pelo menos, adoro ;)

  6. What a cool idea!!!
    Me too, I've thought it was a stamp when I've seen the preview on my blogger dashboard... incredible ^_^
    Have a nice Sunday

    1. hehehe - that must mean I'm getting a steadier hand, which is great! Thank you so much, Valens! :D
      Have a great week!! **


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