Sunday, May 05, 2013

Voodoo Nails...

... or something of the sort ;)

I went to the movies yesterday with BF to watch «Evil Dead».
Now, I'm going to leave the review for the experts, but I can tell you it was fun! Actually the most exciting thing was to watch a horror movie in a movie theatre.

And inpired by that I did today's manicure a bit... voodooish.
Not that it has anything to do with the movie but... hey! inspiration takes people down different paths! haha :)

I started start with...

the Gates of Hell!!!
*enter suspense music*
Or... you can also call it a Saran Wrap using DERMExcellence No.19 and Perfect Lady No.31 ;)

All I did then was pick up my Kiss black striper, draw two opposite triangles and unite them with a vertical middle line.
Sooooo simple! ;)

I don't know if I've seen this somewhere (jeez! I hope it's no devil signal or anything of the sort! I swear I was just playing around! muahahaha)

I don't know how to explain it to you guys but I just feel these nails are somehow very horror movie like! ;)

What do you think? Have I just been watching too many horror movies lately? ;)
By the way, for you
what is the perfect movie to watch on a weekend afternoon/evening?

Let me know all about it in the comments below and hope you've rested enough to last you all of this upcoming week! ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Very nice! Your saran colors came out great! I like any movie that is good. I tend to lean toward serious suspense movies

    1. Thank you sweetie! :) I do love myself some of those as well :))

  2. Oh how I love that you always bring something exciting to show us :) they look like nails from hell but my first thought was actually Summer :) love it.

    1. You're just too sweet! **
      And...the black lines could be barbecue sticks! So... yes! Summer mani! :D heehe

  3. wow, I imagined myself being burned alive for a second there, heh..
    They are really amazing, I watch scary movies from time to time, haven't done that in a while though.

    1. hahahaha - you totally made me laugh and, believe me, on a Monday morning, that does not come easy ;)
      Thank you for you awesome comment**

  4. A comedy od course... lol
    I have to do that tecnic of Saran Wrap.
    I loved yours! And by the way... thanks for the coments in my6 blog.


    1. No need to thank ;) Whenever I see something I like I have to say it :)
      Do try it - the technique is ridiculously simple and the effect is superb! **
      ps. I also love a good comedy :D

  5. The mani reminds me of The Blair Witch Project lol. I love the saran wrap part of the looks like fire. Very cool!

    1. hehehe - good! It was sort of the feeling I was going for hahah ;)
      Thank you for such a lovely comment Kellie**


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