Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nude Challenge Accepted!

So... you know I'm a colour freak, right?
Which means  you can pretty much guess my friends know that too, of course :)

And of course I had to have them challenge me onto something that... wasn't eye-blinding colourful.

I think I can say I was pretty much forced to accept a challenge for the sake of my nail passion honour... And not only did I accept it, I also think I rocked the look! Muhahah :D

The challenge basically said I had to be able to flaunt a nude look and not frown upon it.
I think I passed the test, but only you can judge it.
(Please judge wisely, there's a dinner reward at stake, here! ;))

Inocos Nude Disse Ela and Perfect Lady 76 were my partners in crime, for a look I'd like to call: Coffee Foggy Splodges! Yes, I know it makes no sense :)

Can you believe my friends were right and I actually enjoyed wearing this? I stared at my nails all day long.
It might have been because it's a novelty and I was just fascinated by how different my nails looked, but... I suspect I actually love nudes on my nails! :D

It all started with two coats of the lovely Inocos Nude Disse Ela, a polish that applies smoothly and flawless in two thin coats and gives your nails a shiny velvety finish.
Impossible not to love it! :)

I then went ahead and sponged the tips - I wasn't aiming at a gradient, but rather a 'careless' look, if you know what I mean - with Perfect Lady 76, which, believe it or not, is my first brown polish! YEY! :D
And I loved it! Because of its orangey undertones, it actually doesn't clash with my skin.
Pri, you've advised me on another awesome one! Thank you, honey <3

So, what do you think? Did I pass the Nude Challenge test thing?
Am I to be rewarded with a fancy dinner from my friends? ;) 

Hehehe! Don't forget to comment below and hope you've liked this mani as much as I've enjoyed wearing it!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Que giras!!!! Eu gostei muito *

    1. awwww - obrigada, Chic Maria! :D

  2. I think you totally rocked the challenge!

    1. Yey! Thank you so much, Hetal! ;)

  3. You can even make nude tones look exciting! I'm impressed.

    1. That's the awesomest compliment ever! heheh :)
      Thank you darling**


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