Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Not My Fault Really!

I just couldn't resist to it!!
Neons! They seem to be everywhere, haunting me round every corner, smiling their little neon smiles at me...

So I just couldn't resist anymore and bought...erm...some...let's just leave it at that ;)

And today I just had to wear one! I call it neon baby orange! 
I call it like that because it's partly yellowish and partly orangey, so it's their baby polish come alive :D

Know what I mean? Not quite that fruit orange thing but not really a yellow shade.
It's like a sunset neon colour :D

It's from Bitty and its name is DC08 (ugh! I know!)
Now... do you see that bit that says 'Verniz para Unhas Postiças'?
It's more or less something like 'Nail Polish for Fake Nails'...
What on earth does that mean? I started getting paranoid (I do value my nailsies) and didn't wear these for more than ... 30/40min. 
Just the time to swatch them for you and...

... do some nail art with it, of course!
You know me I could never be a swatch girl. 
Having a post on my blog with my nails plain is just not my thing.
I did try it a couple of times but... just wasn't feeling it - nah!  ;)

So I picked up my Kiss white striper and did a diagonal nail throughout the entire nail, on all nails.
Next, I did vertical stripes with Kiss black striper along the top part of the nail.

What do you think?
I know it doesn't agree with my skin tone, which is yellowy/orangey already - you might actually think I didn't clean up my cuticles, but it's really just the reflexes of the polish on my skin - but it's kind of lovely, isn't it?

What do you think? Are you up for neons this Summer? Would you flaunt this shade or is it just not up your street?
Let me know down below, enjoy your Friday night like I surely will, and see you tomorrowwwww!! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Holy Moly Mina (I love it!)! I think it just means that the polish won't dissolve the fake nails so it should be safe on your natural :)

    1. Oh, so that's it! ;) I had no idea and got scared - hahah
      Thanks for clearign that out for me ;)

  2. Nice nail art! And that's a really cool, juicy colour :D I wonder how much polishes you bought... haha :P

    1. Does four still count as acceptable? ;) *cof cof*
      Thank you, Eva, for your sweet comment :D

  3. wow, this color just screams at you!!! Love it!!

    1. I kow right? It's right 'bam! in your face bright' - kind of impossible to ignore haha :)

  4. It`s ok! It`s regular nail polish like the others.
    Shame on you! lol
    I don`t have any Bitty nail polish (sham on me lol) but that orange one so... wow.
    I think I`m going to get my sunclasses for it... lol
    But I`m not a neon person... my skin it`s to dark for it.


    1. Ufff! For a moment I got concerned there - How could I not know hehe ;)
      Thank you for helping out with that **
      I find Bitty a good brand now - they've changed the formula and it's less runny and more pigmented, so now I do recommend it ;)
      And neons... they go with any skin tone: you just gotta be neon proud! hahaha ;)

  5. Whoa! That nearly blew my eyes out ;)
    I like the mani you did with it, that tames it a bit (not that neons were meant to be tamed). I know what you mean, posting swatch pics always seems a bit boring to me. I mean, I love looking at other people's swatches but I feel like my posts will bore my readers if I don't have at least some layering experiment going on.

    1. I know, right? It's a brain cell killer neon hahah ;)
      Thank you - really glad you like it!
      And I'm so glad someone understands me! I do love looking at swatches in other blogs but somehow I just feel it isn't enough for me to do it on mine. I don't even have good photography yet! And I'm always afradi not to do the polishes justice ;)

    2. Your photography is so much better than mine!
      But yeah, that's one of the reasons I don't feel like anyone would want to look at my swatches - there's so many better pictures out there. And I'm never exactly the first to buy them so my swatches would be of polishes everyone has known of for months or years.

    3. Yep! There's that bit too - I'm not always on top of the new thing and brand releases well... I don't really keep up to date with those either haha
      Better if we stick to what we can do - nail art! :D

  6. Que cor mais maravilhosa *-*
    Adorei o tom e a nail-art que fizeste depois ^^
    Beijocas grandes****

    1. Fico bem contente de teres gostado! :) A cor é fantástica, sem dúvida

  7. Very fresh nail art!
    The color reminds me of one I just got from H&M, which reminds me of an egg yolk, lol :p it's a nice yellow/orange though :)

    1. Really glad you liked it! Thank you for your nice comment! :D
      I think you described this just perfectly: egg yolk alright! ;)

    2. Btw, I nominated you for the "Best Blog Award", you can read more about it on my blog here:

    3. Awwww :)
      Thank you so much for the honour! **

  8. lool "Verniz para Unhas Postiças" means only that polish is neon. It's like the way brands in Portugal tell apart regular Creme/shimmer polishes of neons. I quite like the color, it's interisting :) Kisses


    1. Ahhhhhhhhh! I see... no, I don't! haha That's just the silliest thing to do! BUT now I know and I shall never go back on a 'Verniz para Unahs Postiças' ever again ;) hahah
      Thank you sweetie **


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