Sunday, April 07, 2013

What Happened To Friday?

This is a late one - it should have been posted Friday and ... well... wasn't ;(

My bad, I know, but (and not trying to justify myself or anything) I  had a really unlucky moment Thursday evening while preparing Friday's manicure and this is what it was:

See what happened here? I went to Sephora and saw a Ciaté Foil Box and thought to myself: 'Super! I get to try it!'
Now, I shall not even tell you how blo*dy expensive that was! And it just  makes my heart ache to think I won't wear it ever again!
I mean, just look at it - Major mega fail! :(

So... I got home after eight extenuating work hours and a very tiring week and had to do a whole brand new manicure... There's no way I'd walk around the rest of the day looking like that *shudders* ;)

I still didn't have the strenght to do something too complicated (that's what the weekend is for ;)) and here's the result:

Though simple, the polishes really blued me away! hehe :D
I've used Flormar Super Neon Colours N002 (the light bright blue one) and Flormar P069 (the metallic shimmery one).

I was also running out of daylight, so I went for a really simple mani, which ensured both a fast drying and a smooth look :)
I painted all nails with Flormar Super Neon Colours N002 except for the pinky, that got Flormar P069 on it.

I then painted each side of the thumb, middle and ring fingers using Flormar P069.
Overall, I got really pleased with the final look and thanked the hour change for having been able to still take the pictures with daylight! :))
It really was a race against time, I assure you ;)

And that's it! Sorry for not posting this Friday but... boyfriend and I were preparing some real awesome design for the blog and had to experiment a bit then and yesterday, so... no time ;)

Hope you'll like it! I'm really excited and can't wait to show it to you all! 

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. The blue polish is amazing! It's unbelievable it's Flormar :-)

  2. Hum! I wouldn`t say that was a BIG fail... just fail... lol
    We learn from our mistakes!
    I have that Flormar p069 and love it!
    Flormar it`s one of my favorite brands.


    1. hahaha! fail nevertheless ;)
      but one survives and learns! yessir! :)
      I too have been lucky with Flormar so far, which is great! *kissies*

  3. A sério encontraste foil à venda? ando à procura disso à bués! quanto é que custou?


    1. uff! nem queiras saber - custou-me cerca de 24€ na Sephora. :/
      Vem num kit com 30 pedaços quadrados de foil e um verniz da marca Ciaté (o verniz é bem nice; ao menos isso ;))
      espero ter ajudado *beijinhos*

  4. :( sorry you didn't have a good time with the foil but clearly the god of manis felt you should do this BEAUTIFUL blue baby!

    1. hehehe - I like to think so too and am glad you liked it :))
      As to foil...I guess I'll have to give it another try, watch more tutorials and read some more about it ;)


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