Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What About A Polka Dot Puzzle?

First of all and most of all: look at my new blog design! :D
My very own Superman did it and it's all for me - best boyfriend in this galaxy and any other existent ones, my biggest supporter and motivator of this here blog, no doubt! <3

I mean, just look at the header with the «Nail It! Will Ya?»! 
Adorable or what? :) Always rooting for me and not letting me give up when I get too frustrated over some technique I do not yet master! *.*

And now... onto today's nails, which were my entry for Sophie's Beauty Polka Dot Competition .

I wanted to try out something I hadn't before but still nothing that took me too many hours from my beauty sleep, like in the previous competition ;)

So I went with a design I've seen and loved from one of Lucy's Stash guest posts here.

Now, I'm a very girly girl and I've lost count to how many pink polishes my drawers contain. I even try to control myself and not invade the whole blog with pink manicures though it's very hard sometimes ;) haha

But of course I didn't want to be no straight copycat, I wanted to somehow recreate the look with my own colours and this is what I came up with:

This is the picture I sent Sophie :)
I started with two coats of Inglot O2M 665.
And for the dots I've used:
Pink - Inocos Ser Alma
Light Avocado Green - Dermacélsia N.70
Dark Green - Dermacélsia N.71
(although it came out as a weird turquoise shade, due to the other colours influence, I guess...)

I've used my orange stick for these dots and it took me a good amount of patience, as with every four or so dots I had to clean it up with acetone, to avoid the big lump you get when the polish starts drying up underneath. 
I wanted all my dots to look even and I think they came out pretty 'neat', don't you? :)

I also tried to even out the space in between each colour line of dots and, though not always milimeter accurate, I am quite pleased with it!
I don't think it will be enough to win me a place among winners, but... it's always fun to participate! :D

Can't wait to see what the others came up with and hope you're as excited as I am ;)

Let me know what you think in the comments below and hope to see your design alongside mine tomorrow :D

Ohhhh, and, of course, let me know what you think of the new design. I think it looks pretty awesome but... I should, right? ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Josephine! It means a lot! :)

  2. :$

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Z!!!! :)
      Really happy you liked it all! **

  4. Wow, those are some neat dots! Great mani :)

    1. Thank youuu!! So glad you think that - I did try hard :D

  5. Beautiful!! Both your nails and the new blog design :)!

    1. Awww - thank you for your sweet comment! :D

  6. This is gorgeous! I am loving the color combo :) And the new design is lovely <3

    1. Yey! I'm so glad for that - I'm usually not too good combining colours ;) - and I'm with you on the loveliness of the new design hehe **

  7. I thought the blog looked different when I was flicking through last night, but didn't want to comment in case I was wrong and being forgetful. Your boyfriend did a great job and it's always important to have a supporter who understands for when the painting gets tough (I have a little team for when the polish breakdowns occur). This design is super cute and I hope you do well in the competition. I follow a lot of blogs, and write my own, and your blog inspires me and makes me happy whenever I visit - so keep it up! No pressure ;)

    1. LOVED your sweet comment! Thank you so much, for your words and positive feedback! No pressure - haha :)
      And yey for team support - best thing ever! Especially when gradients and watermarbles and freehand designs make a living out of frustrating our purposes! ;)

  8. Such a ... happy manicure :-). I like it!

    1. Happy indeed! Thank you so much - really glad you liked it! :)

  9. The new blog design is great! It's fun and playful and gives the immediate impression that this is a blog where things are being created.
    Your mani is really cute, a bit like Easter eggs. It's amazing you did it all with an orange stick - I take it your tools still haven't arrived. Good luck with the competition!

    1. Superb!!! That's exactly what he was going for: 'a blog where things are being created' - I couldn't have described it better myself! :) Am so glad everyone is liking it! :D
      Easter Eggs...mmmm...yep! I can see where you're going and what got you there! Agree! ;)
      And, yes, unluckly 'my' tools are still on hold :( the shop is still waiting on the batch of products to arrive *snif snif*


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