Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keepin' It Simple!

Saturday's mani was all about keeping it simple!

As a matter of fact, I thought to wear a plain poilsh colour on my nails and show you I can too do with a simple look...

Yeah... can't say that worked out as I thought it would ;)

I started like this:

This is the most beautiful shade of metallic silver I own at the moment :)
Flormar Wild Nails CW101 is a beautiful metallic polish, that leaves almost no brush strokes after the second coat :)

I was a bit annoyed as I woke up to some bubbles (see my thumb and pinky) and my desire to wear this shade alone faded a bit.
But worry not... ;)

I went for a look I hadn't tried (successfuly) yet: the half moon! And this time I nailed it! :D
I got my paper reinforcements and cut them in half.
I placed each half on my nail, pressing it carefully on the corners of my nail bed, making sure it wouldn't budge once I applied the polish! 

Here's a shot of the polish on top of the reinforcement.
And look at that divine orange! Haha! :D

And here's the finished look: I alternated with the two nail polishes I got Friday and was itching to try! :)
Prestige Orangerie (67) and Prestige Light Denim (58) are both gorgeous colours with magnificent finishes!
ou can get away with one coat with Light Denim although you'll need two coats for Orangerie.

Finally, and because the sun shone in the afternoon, here's a lovely picture outside! :)
Can you see the wonderful shimmer both polishes have?
Orangerie has a golden shimmer to it and Light Denim has both silver and purple shimmer. I'm in love with both! :D

Can you tell I had a slow Saturday morning? haha
I even took in-between pictures for you! Do you like the step-by-step kind of blog post or do you prefer just the full finished look on photographs?

Let me know in the comments and tell me about your half-moons - have you ever tried it? 
Will you ever or is this a design you don't really fancy?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Love, love, love it! So simple and cute <3 And I really like Flormar. I only have 2 polishes from them because they are not available here, but I reach for them often.

    1. The paper reinforcements hadn't work out so well before - they kept allowing the polish to get underneath :| But this time, I got it right, so I'm really happy you liked it! **
      And I think Flormar is great too! :) I do love their consistency in terms of quality!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, so glad you like this one!! :))


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