Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Gimme Butterflies!

And this applies to a wide range of things, including, oh yes, nail polishes :)

First of all, so sorry for posting this at odd hours but had to really concentrate on a special mani (which I'll be showing you tomorrow) and it was just one of those days when:

1) you don't get the colour combination right
2) your polish bubbles up
3) your lines get all wriggly
4) your patience draws thin
5) and your music selection gets on your nerves

But apart from that, all's well! haha

Today's manicure is quite simple, just a nice polish with some cute spring stamping on top! Check it out:

Let's hear a big 'yey' for butterflies, green scenarios, and a 30min mani! :)

I started off with a pretty shade of electric blue from Flormar, and that would be No.P071.

And decided to experiment Inocos Dourado Disse Ela for the stamping and what would you know? It's perfect! Double the points for this brand! :)

I don't have much more to say about this mani - I think it's pretty self-explanatory and you already know the polishes ;)

And because i am dead tired, I say adieu to all of you.
Come tomorrow and we'll talk again. Till then...

Hugs & Kissie,
Mina *


  1. vamos lá a ver, qd é que te posso entregar as minhas unhas?!?

    1. Quando quiseressssss :)
      Mas não sejas modesta que as tuas unhas sem bem LINDAS também e sei que tens o bichinho das manicures em ti! muahahaha **


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