Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I'm Cheating On My Manicure!...

... is what I feel like saying whenever I don't have time to embelish my mani freehand and choose stickers instead -.-'

I know it's not a huge sin but... I still like it better when it's all my handy dandy hardwork - not that I'm a pro or anything (haha) but still ;)

Anyway, I needed my hands to look purrty but was lacking the time to take care of it the old-fashioned way.

So... bring me those stickers!! ;)

 I started with two lovely coats of Purple No. 55 - collection A Candy On Your Nails.
(Thank you Priiiii :))
The shot was taken 7 a.m. indoors with the faint morning light that through yonder window broke - hehe :)

Bus stop. 8 a.m. - I think the neighbours are getting used to me ;)

And then... tcharan! Lunch hour! Sun shining full power!
Went out for some yummi lunch with Marta, bought way too many books on our way ;) and had a snap of the stickers on my nails :)
I must say they don't look all too bad and the colour combination is pretty - what do you think?

Mmmmmm... it may be cheating but... when you're running out of time and want something quick for a still fabulous mani, I think stickers can help save the day! :D

Thank you for reading on and let me know if this cheating should be punishable by death! haha :))

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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