Thursday, February 07, 2013

Three Little Piggies...

... came to my house, we all had fun together and here I'll show you how! :)

Hello to you lovelies out there.

My favourite nail polish shop from the moment - yes, you already know it's this one right here - keeps making me spend money. It's not my fault, really!

Just today they received the new collection from Beauty UK and these are the beauties I came home with:

 Of course I could do nothing but get them!
Below are some swatches of the three little piggies - saved the best one ( aka my favourite) for last :))

For No. 15 Funky Diva, I used an opaque lilac base coat (Purple Professional No.49) as I didn't like it with a clear base coat and don't recommend it ;)

This is two coats of Funky Diva - I do advise you to pack the glitter instead of applying thin coats, for it will help for a more compact  look.
I was expecting more of this one but I'll try it next time over a lemon like yellow and get back to you :)

Next one: preparation for No. 13 Mermaid - i've used my new favourite shade of white (Purple Professional No.32) which leaves a perfect non streaky opaque finish! :D

I am in awe! What you see in the bottle is what you get on your nails!
All fingers portray two coats of this lovely very-Irish-like green polish, except for the pinky one, which I left with one coat only, so you could see the difference.
Again, pack these glitters on, ladies! ;)

And now for MY FAVOURITE! :))
I  bet you can tell - I've basically used a different base coat for each finger (haha).
Well, let's be honest! No.18 Pinkabloo is  g o r g e o u s !!!! :D

Which colour would you prefer to use as a base coat? 
Help me out ladies, for I can't tell! ;)
This one doesn't require packing on, because it's a mixture of loose tiny glitter and hexagons.

Funky Diva and Mermaid have a jelly like kind of clear base, whereas Pinkabloo is more of the normal type: neither runny nor jelly.
Hope you've liked my three little piggies and let me know in the comments which ones you're thinking getting to yourselves ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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