Monday, February 25, 2013

Help! My nails are leaking!

... or maybe the polish is dripping! Or maybe I just have tiny drops of snot on my nails! HAHAHA! -.-'

Sorry for the abudance of silliness right at the beginning but I haven't been feeling tip top since last night :/
Old sayings are indeed true!! You only notice something was working fine, till it breaks and works no more!

Uff, I've got some serious stomach aches going on - it's like World War III in here!

Anyway, I still managed to have my manicure done for today, although it came out... well... not as I imagined it - hehe

I wanted to do paint drips on the tips of my nails but... because I'm still a little on the newbie side and don't have a lot of tools, this is what I improvised for the look! ;)

I picked up a lot of shades for the look (read from ring finger to index finger :)
Inocos Dourado Disse Ela + Rimmel 430 Coralicious for the drips & Inglot 620 for their outline
Inocos Rosinha + Kiko 345 & Inglot 665
Purple Professional No. 32 + Purple Professional No. 13 & Boticário Ethereal Blue

Uff! Sorry for the grocery shopping list ;)

Though I don't think you can see it, I matted all nails using Flormar's Mattifying Top-Coat and applied a shiny top-coat on the drips only, to add for some sort of effect, not even I know what! :))

I know they're far from perfect and could use with some work, but I still like them!
And drips are not supposed to look heaven-made anwyay, or are they? ;)

Show me how much you liked these in the comments below and I'll be seeing you tomorrow, with something simpler and not as cartoonish, for my tummy is still rumbling with fire inside! :/
Wish me well and keep warm and cosy inside! :)

Hugs & Kissies
Mina *


  1. Fantásticas, adoro o efeito :D
    Beijocas grandes****

  2. Wish me well and keep warm and cosy inside! :)
    As melhoras ;)

    1. :) eheheh
      isto já passa! <3

  3. I like the cartoonish look on these - and the drops are so 3-dimensional. Very cool.


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