Monday, February 04, 2013

Day Light!

Days are getting brighter! Yey!

And to honour that, today we have some nice shots outside so you can see the colours in their full potential! :)

We won't talk much and let the pictures and polishes do the job!

Hope you like it! 

 Warning: we love having our nails different colours! And I think I came up with a neat combo, using these two polishes that were as bright as the sun was :)
Flormar's purple is part of the new polishes available at Verniz de Luxo ;)

And this was early morning *sleepy sleepy*
Though it wasn't shining bright, there was there a hint that it was going to be a fiiiiine day :)

And a fine day it was indeed! This was around lunch hour - falling in love by the minute!
GottaI love these colours! :))

And of course I couldn't resist experimenting ;)
Had some fun with tape and came up with this - not perfect yet but bear with me: I am just a beginner and will improve :D

And that's our mani for the day, lovelies.
Hope this Monday wasn't too much of a bore to you.
Take care and see you tomorrow.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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