Sunday, January 27, 2013

Third Time's The Charm

I'm baaaaaaaack :)
They do say third time's the charm, so I guess I'm really doing this and there's no going back! 

Today's manicure is the colour I wish I'd seen more of during this sad greyish Sunday.
We didn't have blue skies in Lisbon today, so I replicated them nice and sparkly on my nails!
Take that, you grumpy weather conditions! (ufff, I do miss the sun!)

But enough of my rambling - without further ado, here's today's mani: hope you like it :)

Nail Polishes I've used:
Coral Las Vegas Collection * 505
Flormar * P065

I fell totally in love with Coral's glitter polish - nice blue colour, flawless flat application and lovely loose tiny glitter and pentagon specks.

I ended up not resisting and... added a gradient onto the other nails, using Catrice's Polish No.350 * Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans
Can you see the shimmer in the bottle? Beautiful or what?

So, here's the finished look - it's not my best gradient attempt but...
what do you think? 
Did it turn out a good rendition of blue skies? ;)

Let me know below and see you all tomorrow!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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