Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does 4: Day 1 - Abstract Nail Art

Ahhhh! What's been happening?!
Where have I been?! Am I still alive and kicking?

Alive yes but too tired to kick - school season is killing me. Today was the official first day of classes but all of last week's preparations knocked out all my will and inspiration to paint nails and do nail art.

But I'm back this week and today's post is a Digit-al Dozen one. That means a full week of nail art so, yay!
This inspiring group of fabulous nail artists and bloggers is turning four years old this month and I am so proud to be part of it!

I'm starting with a very simple, understated look Hopefully my inspiration won't play shy tomorrow and I'll be able to wow you with great(er) nail art.

Let's get to it then - yes, tiredness makes me chatty apparently.

Abstract Nail Art

Here's my abstract representation of four.
Now you're probably thinking 'Mina, this nail art has got nothing awesome about it...'
But it does! Starting with the gorgeous nail polish I used, aka China Glaze Flying Dragon.

Abstract Nail Art

This was a great present from my good friend Paulina - love ya, girl!
This polish is amazing and dries impossibly fast (with a chalky finish, mind you), which means your application needs to be flawless in three steps, for if you drag the brush too much you'll end up with bald patches.
As I was tired and sleepy at the time I painted these, I thanked China Glaze for the fast drying part, as I kept bumping my nails all over everything and anything - open your eyes, woman!

Abstract Nail Art

And, you know this was coming, I had to show you the look shiny style.
I freehanded each stripe with a striping brush and did it haphazardly so I could get away with the 'abstract' categorizing of the whole look part.

Excuse the chatty mode - I wish you all a fantastic, most amazing week.
I hope the kids, the gym or this crazy good diet I embarked on won't kill me till Friday so I can keep posting fabulous nail art looks such as this one - yeah, kidding!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Nice simple abstract design you created.

  2. So creative Mina! I love how you interpreted the theme.

  3. Love it! The shiny version looks so much better in my opinion and this color looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Simple and beautiful start to the DD week, can't wait to see what's still coming :)

  4. These are simple but so beautiful, I love them! Looking forward to seeing you back, and I hope the school year is kind to you xx

  5. Love the simplicity of this look Mina! Sometimes less is more and this is definitely one of those times. Gorgeous!!

  6. Love the glossy version a lot! Flying Dragon is such a nice polish too :D


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