Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Stamping Mani feat. Bundle Monster + Paulina's Passions

Hello, gorgeous people out there!!
Remember how excited I was to have received as a gift the latest Bundle Monster stamping plate collab with my good friend Paulina?

I couldn't resist using it today for another mani. Let's that a look:

Stamping Gradient Nails

Don't these look fabulous?
I love all the bits about it, specially the accent nails.

Stamping Gradient Nails

I did the gradient nails and, using the same colours, applied the stamping design.
Love the combination of the chevron with the roses and I think this design is utterly gorgeous - definitely one of my favourite.

Stamping Gradient Nails

And, if you're wondering which glitter topper is on my crazy bejeweled nail, it's Essence Party Never Ends.
Ain't it a beauty?

This one will definitely be a favourite of this week! What do you think?

Hugs & Kissies, 
Mina *


  1. Beautiful mani and colour scheme! That stamp is just flawless!!

  2. Beautiful manicure Mina, the glitter topper looks great but my favourite is the rose and chevron stamping :)

  3. Your color scheme and combo are just awesome! I am jelly you have this plate, I need to buy it already!


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