Friday, July 15, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Re-Does Fashion: Day 5 - Glitter Placement Nails

Hello, lovelies!
We've made it! It's Friday!! Who else out there was longing for the weekend? :)

Today's nail art is inspired by a pair of show I wish I could wear (I'm too much of a tennis shoes person).

Glitter Placement Nails

These super statement nails were inspired by THIS real beauty.

Glitter Placement Nails

As I'm certain you've guessed, they were simple and quick to accomplish.
I painted my nails with Barry M Cancun and placed each pearly stud one by one, till I covered the whole nail.

Hope you're in for a fabulous weekend - I know I am :)

Hugs & Kissies,
MIina *


  1. I absolutely love this colour and those pearly rhinestones are absolutely stunning!

  2. That blue you used is lovely!

  3. Wow, that color is stunning! The shoes look incredible too!

  4. They totally look just like the shoe! Such a pretty color too. :)

  5. You perfectly captured those shoes with this design Mina! I love them, but I would have a hard time wearing them too (flats all the way for me!)

  6. These look so cool! And I love this colour


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