Monday, June 13, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Rainbows: Day 1 - Rainbow Puzzle Nails, wonderful people of the world!!
Can't believe it's been so long since we've last spoken! I'm really glad to be back with what promises to be a fun week.

This month's Digit-al Dozen week is all abobut rainbows so you can expect a lot of fun manis to pop on your feed :)

I'm kicking it off with a look I've always wished to try but never had the tools to create: puzzle nails!

Rainbow Puzzle Nails

I love how cute these look and the gradient effect really came out looking nicely :)

Rainbow Puzzle Nails

I painted all my nails two coats of white with Wycon N.718 and used several different polishes for the rainbow gradient effect.

I was recently contacted by lovely Lena from What's Up Nails and received some nail vinyls for review.
These puzzle ones were part of the package and I had to try them right away.

Rainbow Puzzle Nails

I used a fast drying topcoat on top of my white base and applied the vinyls 5/6 minutes later just to be sure.
The vinyls adhered nicely to the nail and didn't lift the polish underneath as I removed them. 
The design is nice and crisp as you can see and this was overall a great experience - can't wait to try all the others :)

Hope you also liked the look and don't forget to catch up on all the beautiful looks the rest of the fab ladies prepared today! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *



  1. These are so fun! The gradient was a great idea and your lines are so crisp!

  2. Awesome rainbow puzzle nails you got with those nail vinyls.

  3. Oh wow Mina, these are amazing! I love how you've incorporated the rainbow and the whole design came out so crisp! love it!

  4. These came out so perfect. Love them Mina!

  5. Mina! I feel like I haven't seen your nails in forever!! These are amazing, those lines are so sharp and the gradient is perfect <3

  6. These turned out fab Mina! Love the puzzle vinyls and of course that rainbow gradient is utter perfection!

  7. Nice to see you here sweetie :* These are gorgeous and they are so YOU :) Loving the vibrant colors and the gradient. These vinyls are great, aren't they?

  8. That gradient works perfectly with the puzzle template. Looks so pretty!

  9. Lindo esse quebra-cabeça colorido 😍



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