Monday, February 01, 2016

Hēhē Stamping Plates Review evening to all the gorgeous beings out there!

I'm really excited about sharing a Hēhē Plates review with you - I was so happy to be contacted by lovely Siqi to review some of their plates!

Let's have a look at some of the looks I created then:

waterspotted stamping nails

Let's start with one of my favourites. 
For this first look I used Hēhē plate 081 for the waterspotted design.

waterspotted stamping nails

My base is Flormar Jelly Look Ruby and I stamped with Barry M Foil Effects Gold.
I couldn't be happier about this cristal clean and messy  free look - perfection!

argyle stamping nails

I also wanted a more toned down look, something work appropriate and I found this pattern to be the perfect fit.
Hēhē plate 026 was a great choice for that. This one's part of the Harry Potter collection, so there's much variety you can get from each plate.

argyle stamping nails

Flormar Beauty Toys Purr Cat is what I used for my base colour. And I stamped using Leticia Well Metallic Matte No.15.
To finish the whole look, I added a shiny diamond rhinestone to each nail.

harry potter stamping nails

I'm a bit indecisive about this look - not too sure whether it was a good pairing or not.
Anyway, I've used Hēhē plate 025 for this one - it's also a Harry Potter themed one - and my idea was a bit different from what I got.

I wore Flormal Quick Dry Blue Jeans for my base colour and stamped using Flormar Flormar Wild Nails CW101 (boy! did I give some of my oldies a lot of love on this stamping marathon or what!?).

leadlight stamping floral nails

And finally, here's my second favourite look of this stamping session.
I went nude (can you believe it?!) and I've finally tried the leadlight technique! Yay!

leadlight stamping floral nails

I painted my nails my usual base coat polish - Wycon No.02 - and stamped on the lotus flowers on each nail, using Hēhē plate 041.
I added the black dots in black polish all around and for the leadlight technique, I went for watered down acrylic paints, instead of jelly polishes. (I think that defeats the purpose of the whole technique, but ... I tried!).

I loved each plate - perfectly etched, I had zero trouble picking up each design (for real!) and there's so much diversity in each plate, you can easily get many designs from just one plate.

Please remember Hēhē plates come in beautiful cardboard paper sleeves and have the Hēhē logo on sticker on the back. 
Unfortunately, there are counterfeit Hēhē plates being sold online, so if you want to get the real deal, make sure you purchase through their official website only! (More info HERE on how to determine if yours are genuine.)

Connect with Hēhē Plate: Official SiteFacebookInstagram


  1. Some really nice nail art designs you got using these stamping plates. There very pretty.

  2. I need that water spotted plate! It's so pretty with the pink and gold! My other favorite (and yours too, hehe!) is the leadlighting mani. It's so beautiful!

  3. So many gorgeous manicures in this post! I love the waterspotting image and your lead lighting is beautiful!!

  4. Great nail art Mina! I am crushing over the dots and floral hard <3 It's going on my inspo board for sure!

  5. That second look is so chic! I love how crisp the stamping looks. And the watercolor look O.o sooooo pretty!

  6. The leadlight florals are so so pretty! and I love the second look too. Gorgeous manis and so happy to hear you loved the Hehe plates!

  7. I've been hearing such great things about this brand of plates! Maybe when (if) I get into stamping one of these days I'll have to try them. The first mani you did is my favorite, what a color combo!

  8. Wow, Mina! Every stamping in this post is on fleek! Perfection :D My favorite has to be the pink and gold spotted one, but I am also in love with the leadlight flowers. They are so soft and look kind of vintage over that nude base. So many beautiful things in one post. Love it!

  9. I love the Argyle stamping ... that pattern is so crisp and has stamped beautifully! :)


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