Friday, December 11, 2015

40 GREAT NAIL ART IDEAS - Winter: Sweater Stamping Nails, good lovely people!
I'm writing to you from the gates of death - or so does this cold make me think (it seriously feels like I'm dying here!).

However, I couldn't fail this week's #40gnai challenge prompt: Winter.
I bring you something a bit simpler and not as elaborate as my freehand but still quite cute and fuzzy.

Sweater Stamping Nails

Behold my fuzzy sweater stamping nails!
It's all  feel like having around me these days - fuzzy comforting sweaters to protect me from all evil bacteria and demonic winter winds.

piCture pOlish Grace

I painted my nails two coats of the lovely piCture pOlish Grace, which was sent to me for PP Fest 2015 (which you can read more about HERE).

Sweater Stamping Nails

I then stamped the sweater theme in purple using BP-L018 stamping plate and topped my accent nail in glitter with Foxy Paws If you Really Love Christmas.

I'm now gonna go to bed with my hot water bottle, a nice cuppa tea and a book I'll try to read before falling k.o.

Don't forget to check all the beautiful winter designs in the inlinkz below and have yourselves a fine Friday, luvs.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This one is just adorable! I love that pink on you :) I love that you added the Foxy Paws glitter on your accent nail. It looks beautiful! Feel better sweetheart :*

  2. So adorable! It's always amazing to me how nail polish can start to feel cozy and fuzzy just from the patten out placed on it! These are perfect for winter! I am so to hear youve been ill though - hope you're in the mend soon!

  3. These sweater nails are super cute and looks so soft!

  4. These are beautiful sweater nails! I love that you used nice, soft colours. I actually want to cozy up to them (well I would if it wasn't so hot here!) Great art Mina xx

  5. Very pretty and definitely the type of seasonal back art I would wear! Grace us such a lovely shade!

  6. Pink and purple sweater- I want to wear it! So very cute! Take care of yourself and feel better Mina! *Lol, demonic winter winds!*

  7. Yup, sweaters are the bestest winter friends a girl can have! I always love cozy clothes <3. And these nails match that feeling very well!


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