Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Retro Dotticure Nail Art

Sometimes classic looks win and today is such a story.

I wanted something fast and easy to achieve, uncompromising but still pretty to look at (you can tell it's one of those weeks).

Retro Dotticure Nail Art

So I chose a dotticure in a style I'd never tried it before: retro.

Retro Dotticure Nail Art

Of course I had to choose a classic red shade for my background. 
I went with P2 Red I Love You Fiery, one of my favourite.

Dotticure Nail Art

I then added multiple sized dots in different retro shades.
Simple to do and fun to look at, right?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 


  1. The retro vibe is definitely visible, I love the red basecolor you chose!

  2. I love the colour combination!! Super cute mani!

  3. I love dotticures because they are cute and easy but I especially love this one! So cute.

  4. You know how it goes with these simple designs, they are always the best! You nailed this dotticure sweetie and the colors are amazing!

  5. These are so bold and fun! I love a good dotticure!


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