Thursday, October 08, 2015

Halloween Nail Art - Haunted House

Today's Themed Thursday prompt was either Haunted House or Graveyard.

I'm usually not one to go for Halloween nail art (it's not greatly celebrated in Portugal), which is why I'm really enjoying this challenge.

By the title you've already guessed which one I went for, so let's see what I've prepared for you today:

Haunted House Nail Art

I've done a spooky,  haunted by aliens kinda abandoned house with a full moon background.
I was scared of not being able to give dimension to the house - I didn't want it all to be just silhouette - so I'm really proud there's some noticeable details.

Halloween Nail Art

I've used Beauty UK No.36 Denim FX - Black Denim for my base colour, because it was the greatest, most effortless way to have a dark starry night on my nails.

Halloween Nail Art

I painted the whole thing with acrylic paints and ventured into making birds and gory trees, although I wasn't all too successful at that.
Considering THIS was my first haunted house nail art, I think I can say I've improved some :)
What do you think?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Your nail with the bird on the branch is my favorite. It's got a eerie feel to it. Nice job!

  2. A very spooky and haunted feeling to these nails.

  3. This is awesome Mina! I love everything from the full moon to the spooky trees to the little bats over the haunted house. Wonderfully done!

  4. I love them! I'm so glad you're doing this challenge too - it's great to have such a talented lady partaking :) and I absolutely see the detailing in your house! It looks great!

  5. This is so cool Mina, you did really well with these! Love the glowy green light coming from the house.

  6. I am not a big fan of Halloween nail art, but this one is so well done, that after the preview I wanted to see it more detailed. It is cool and I totally agree with Deborah!

  7. Cracked it here all right ~ they look super cool.

  8. Your freehand work never ceases to amaze me Mina! I'm almost never into Halloween nails but these are gorgeous!

  9. These are perfectly spooky! I absolutely adore what you did! The little ravens are my favorite part! Awesome!


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