Thursday, September 10, 2015

Swatch & Review - Wycon No.06 Blu Profondo[Portuguese Version HERE]

Today's post is another nail polish swatch & review, part of my collaboration with  Wycon Cosmectics

I've shown you one of their polishes here HERE and today's colour is just as perfect for Fall as that one and equally beautiful.

Let's have a look then:

Wycon No.06 Blu Profondo

This is Wycon No.06 Blu Profondo.
Again, even if not entirely creative, the name is a pretty accurate deppiction of this polish.

Wycon No.06 Blu Profondo

Blu Profondo is a deep shade of blue. Not sea blue nor sky blue, rather a very muted dark shade of blue, ideal for any outift this Fall.

Wycon No.06 Blu Profondo

As per usual, I didn't apply topcoat, so you could see the finish on its own and look at how shiny it is!
I applied two easy thin coats and I'm glad to report there was zero cuticle floading.This one applies like a heaven made creme polish!

Wycon nail polish

The bottle is my kind of bottle - the rectangular shape guarantees your hand won't pose awkwardly, if you know what I mean :)
This polish retails for €3.90, a great price considering the fabulous quality and the 10ml of product you get.

hand model blue nails

I can hardly wait to pair this beauty with some elegant nail art.
Make sure you stay tuned for the next posts then!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

You can purchase Wycon Cosmectics in Campo Pequeno (PT) HERE or Loures Shopping (PT).

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  1. Gorgeous. Love very much the color and the finish!

  2. What a stunning blue. Perfect for Fall without being too dark. Lovely swatches my dear!

  3. You always have such gorgeous smooth swatches of crème shades, and so glossy!

  4. Such a gorgeous fall blue! I love that it is dusty, yet bold, at the same time!

  5. Such a gorgeous blue! And for that price you really can't go wrong!!

  6. That shade is really beautiful. I've never seen this brand before so thank you for introducing me to it :)

  7. Perfect Autumn colour, so shiny too, I really like the look of this brand!

  8. Such a gorgeous blue, I've never seen this brand before but the finish looks so flawless and glossy! <3

  9. Such a beautiful shade! It's perfect for fall and could be worn year-round as well!


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