Thursday, August 20, 2015

Skittle Glitter Nails

I wanted something simple, yet fun, on my nails today, so I went with this:

Skittle Glitter Nails

If you follow me via Facebook or Instagram you've seen a shot of this gorgeous glitter polish.

Essence Hidden Garden

This is Essence Hidden Garden and it's a beautiful glitter bomb.
It's got multiple coloured glitter pieces on a champagne shimmery base and the red, blue and yellow glitter bits really look like flowers on nails.

Skittle Glitter Nails

I applied three coats of the polish on its own, on my index and ring fingers.
On my middle finger I'm wearing one coat of Nails4Us Empress, one of my favourite burple, topped with a chain waterdecal.
My pinkie is showing off two coats of Wycon No.718 and an awesome whirlwind nail sticker.

I love skittle/skittlete mani combinations and this one took almost no time at all to complete.
Sometimes I have the need of an easy, fast achieving mani, know what I mean? Are you like that, too?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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