Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Ocean Fish Stamping Nail Art

It's been crazy hot in Portugal these last couple days and although it can sometimes be tricky to work with nail polish in such conditions, all I can think of is Summer nail art designs.

Today's one is a simple look, easy to achieve with little effort, given the right tools.

Ocean Fish Stamping Nail Art

Today I bring you a green ocean gradient with stamping nail art of some of the cutest fish designs I've spotted so far.


I started by making the ocean gradient, using these two beauties: P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams and Kiko Celebration No.423 Pearly Peacock.

Ocean Fish Stamping Nail Art

I stamped the multiple fish pattern with Inglot O2M No.692 and BP-06 stamping plate from

And now for a little secret - I'd already worn this look on my Cinderella hand last week and having liked it so much decided I wanted to do it again to show you.

Do you do this, too, sometimes? - try some nail art on your dominant hand to see how it looks and then recreate it in you non-dominant hand?
Or are you one to always wear matching looks on both hands? Drop me a comment, I wanna know! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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  1. Crazy hot in the Pacific Northwest too! This design is perfect for the heat! Feels cooling just to look at it :)


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