Thursday, May 14, 2015

Colourful Geometric Squares Nail Art with CF Beauty Cosmetics - Swatch & Review

Today's the day I bring you the last polish from CF Beauty Cosmetics 2015 Spring/Summer edition.

You can see all previous swatches HERE as well as what nail art looks I did with each - it's surely been a fun ride :)

As for today's nails, I've got a swatch of CF Beauty Cosmetics Nº9 Flashbulb Grey to show you:

CF Beauty Cosmetics Nº9 Flashbulb Grey

 Flashbulb Grey is a lovely silver shade, with a metallic finish to it. Rather than have a mirror like effect, this beauty has a luminous effect - can you see all the light that reflect off of it? Gorgeous!
I'm using two coats in this picture and no topcoat - you can see the end finish is somewhat matte, so you'll want a topcoat with this one.

Squares Nail Art

For nail art and seeing we're closing a chapter, I thought it'd be nice to use all of the polishes in the collection to go out with a bang :)
I wanted something fun, and nothing better than colourful squares - love geometric nails!!

Colourful Geometric Squares Nail Art

 I freehanded each square and I can definitely tell you that working with nail polish is haaaard!
But I love how the end result looks - these were great fun to wear, kept looking at my nails all day and it's incredible how something so simple makes such a statement ;)

How about you? 
Do you usually try nail art with nail polish or are you more of an acrylic paint kind of artist?

Also let me know your thoughts about this collection - on my account I'm quite proud that such a new brand has hit it off so well; and they're Portuguese! Double proud! :)

Also let me know if you're proud of any of your nacional nail polish brand - I wanna know!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

To purchase the CF Beauty Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2015 go on the official website (PT).
And connect with CF Cosmetics for news and updates: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram



  1. Oh wow! I am usually not much into satin finishes, but this polish looks incredible. As for the nail art, I just can't believe you free handed these squares! They look perfect, as if you used a striping tape. Beautiful <3
    P.S. I am definitely a nail polish nail art kinda girl :) My acrylics are very patchy and I was annoyed. Maybe if I had good ones.

  2. Very cute polish! But the nail art!! I can't believe you did it on freehand with POLISH!! I definitely thought you used striping tape. Amazing!

  3. Those square look great!

  4. These are super neat for freehand! And you're right, working with polish is hard! Acrylic drives me crazy though because it always goes on lumpy and patchy, but that's probably my fault :/

  5. Super!! Although that grey could possibly stand out on its own.

  6. Love your mani ! So colorful !

  7. I LOVE these! I can't believe you free-handed the squares...they are perfect. One of my favorite kinds of nail art....simple, but with big graphic pay-off! :D

  8. Love the nail art! So cool that you incorporated all shades!

  9. Thanks, hun! Couldn't resist an all-in-mani ;)

  10. They were a pain hahaha - thank you, sweetie. Love geometric/graphic looks, too - can't look away ;)

  11. Oh, absolutely - it's such a gorgeous polish!

  12. Thank you, luv! Acrylic paint goes on a lot more smoothly for me - try water it down a bit, there's less lumps that way ;)

  13. I know, half dead I was when finished haha :)
    thanks, sweetie *

  14. It's a gorgeous(ssss) polish, trust me, you'd love it ;)
    As for nail polish and nail art you're all my heroes, I tell you - this is hard stuff!


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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