Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Music Nails - Born Pretty Store Review

I'm not too  sure about the nail art I'm bringing you today: one, because I'm still unsure about what the accent piece is and two, because, that being said, I don't much know what to say about it.

But let's show it to you and maybe you can help me out:

Music Nails

I received this piece from Born Pretty Store for review and they call it 'Vintage Hollow-out Design Charming 3D Nail Art Decoration'.
Right... but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what this is supposed to be. 
My guessing is this is some sort of musical harp - what's your guess?

Dior Diorette

I chose Dior Diorette for my base colour.
I figured an elegant nail polish to go with this rather extravagant piece and it didn't turn out too bad.

If you liked it nonetheless, go to Born Pretty Store and look for item #16466 A022 or just click this link and know you get 10% off your purchase with the code below SGBQ10.

music nails

To finish off the nail design, and because that piece looked like a harp to me, I stamped some music notes, using BP-13 Stamping Plate (which I've reviewed before here).

Do you like such extravagant accent nails pieces or do you usually go for the more subtle ones?
Let me know if you'd ever sport such a piece on your nails ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Really like the gold stamping over that burgundy.

  2. I love the elegance of the whole nail art. It's very interesting to see the color you chose, the musical stamping and how the gold charming accent matches with the rest of the nail art. It's gorgeous! :)

  3. Perfect. A lovely shade and such an elegant look!

  4. I realllly like the nail polish you used! The stamping looks really pretty too :) I also don't know what the big piece is supposed to be, but I do like such extravagant nail pieces sometimes :)

  5. Thank you, hun - I'm in love with it :)
    As for extravagant pieces, I'm like you - sometimes I really want to wear them :)

  6. Thank you so much, John - you always have such nice words :)

  7. Aww,thank you lovely. You're always so nice! Glad you liked the elegance :)

  8. Thank you so much, Lisa - the colour combo is one of my favourites :)

  9. I love the shade of nail polish you used, it's very elegant and royalty-like. Love the gold colour and combination, with the stamps! :)

    xx Courtney

  10. Thank you so much, Courtney! :)
    The polish is gorgeous and you said it perfectly: 'royalty-like' :)


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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