Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring you all you need to be happy!! <3

This one's a quickie just to show you what nails I wore for that leap into the New Year :)

hearts and glitter nails


swatch gina tricot hearts (155)

Maybe you were expecting something a tad brighter, or even not so simple, but truth is, I wanted fancy and elegant as much as I wanted glitter and sparkle and these gave me just that :)

gina tricot hearts (155)

I applied two easy coats of my current favourite black polish: Inglot O2M No.692 and on top of it I applied this absolutely to die for gorgeous Gina Tricot Hearts (155).
I did have to go fishing for those cute hearts, but it was totally worth it: they're gorgeous and multichromed! 
In love :)

glitter nails with hearts

Plus, I had to have hearts on my nails again - nothing can go wrong if we start the New Year with love all around :)
I did the same last year (click here to see) and I'm glad I did it again this year.
2015 is gonna rock big time!!

That's what I wish each and every single one of you out there -  again, thank you for travelling the path in 2014 with me, may we embark on even more daring and exciting adventures for the next 365 days ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Aw, thank *you* for sharing all this with us!
    Happy New Year!

  2. This is so fun, I love that the hearts aren't all over the place. They look just right!

  3. Happy New Year! These nails are so cute with those scattered heart glitters.

  4. Happy new year!! Gorgeous nails for this occasion!!

  5. Happy New Year and a ton of good things your way, dear!
    Thank you for your compliment *

  6. Same back at you, lovely!
    I'm in love with the polish - it's so unique! - glad you liked these :)

  7. I know, right? Glad you understand me, dear hehe :)

  8. You're quite welcome, my dear! Happy New Awesome Year to you, too <3

  9. The song says "All you need is love...", nice thing to start this year with :)
    Have a great 2015 and thank you for keeping me company!


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