Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Nails with Inocos

It's Winter and it's getting colder by the day here in Lisbon.
I wish it'd be cold enough to snow but I'm afraid that only goes as far as dreaming ;)

So, I painted snow on my nails instead, for this week's look with Inocos :)

winter snow nails

I started by painting my nail a dark grey, using Inocos Ser Poeta.

winter snow nails

I then took my dotting tool and my white polish (Inocos Brinquinho) and started 'painting' my snow slopes and snow covered pine tree branches, finishing off with some mixed sized dots for the snow.

winter snow nails

Considering I used absolutely no brushes to paint this one, I actually think it came out looking pretty neat and I quite like it :)

I might even recreate it in more detail with some acrylic paint and nail art brushes - what do you think?
I hope you're having a nice Friday - it'll soon be the weekend! Yay! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I like these so much. Very simple design but you can clearly tell its a wintery scene.

  2. How elegant,seasonal and so pretty

  3. Thank you so much, John! :)
    Happy you liked it.

  4. Yes! That's what I wanted - wintery and simple!
    Glad you liked them, Lisa :D


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