Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cinderella's Daily Show - P2 Gold & Crown Brown Splendor

Dear lovelies,
I'm writing to you from some well deserved Christmas holidays - which explains the lack of posts ;)

And today I bring you quite a simple one, though stunning nonetheless:

swatch P2 Gold & Crown Brown Splendor 010

My Cinderella Hand has the pleasure to present you the gorgeous Brown Splendor by P2, from their Gold & Crown edition.

swatch P2 Gold & Crown Brown Splendor 010

It certainly is a rich royal nail polish as claimed by the brand.
The gold shimmer is absolutely amazing and this beauty covers in two thin coats.
What else really can a girl ask for?

swatch P2 Gold & Crown Brown Splendor 010

Although I'm not one to faint over brown shades, I must admit I rather enjoyed wearing this beauty - wouldn't you?

I hope you, too, are enjoying some Christmas-y time with your loved ones and I hope we'll talk again very soon.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. what a nice color that is.

  2. That's a beautiful wood rose with golden shimmers. Marsala?

  3. That is a nice colour and a lovely glitter!

  4. Absolutely! Glad we agree on that :))

  5. It might be, I can't quite figure out which shades fall into the Marsala category yet hehe ;)

  6. I'm in love and I'm not usually one to fall for brown shades ;)


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