Friday, December 05, 2014

Christmas Dotticure with Inocos

It's December and that makes it the official season for Christmas nail designs ;)

For this week's look with Inocos, I went with a festive dotticure.

Christmas nail art with gold studs

Achieving this look couldn't be any simpler: I applied two coats of white, using Inocos Brinquinho.

Christmas dotticure with gold studs

And I then took my dotting tool and created different sized dots in green and red,using Inocos Milfontes and Inocos Maria Papoila.

Christmas dotticure

To give it that glam and also 'cause I'm mad about gold studs, I added a few on each nail :)

And that's it! Are you getting excited about Christmas, too?
I love all the festive colours and can't wait to show you a couple more nail designs with them all!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. So festive! I like how you can turn something like a dotticure into something for the holidays just by switching to more festive colors.

  2. simple, effective and festive! Love it!

  3. it's gorgeous! beautiful and stylish. I've got a very similar dotted pattern in a mani I'm planning to post. Christmas excitement everywhere))

  4. It is so refreshing to see your bright mani - I have been seeing sooooo many dark-colored manis lately, even from the Down Unders (Australia - it's spring/summer there!)!!! I think Winter can be gloomy enough, even here in a subtropical zone, and it seems to be reinforced with the dark manis. I do understand why, but it is SO nice to see the occasional bright mani in the sea of dark manis. Hope you and yours are enjoying the holidays!

  5. oh, sweetie! How I understand you! ;)
    Although I must say some dark colour are to die for, someting bright is just what we need sometimes :))

  6. I know, right? The holidays get to us no matter what :)
    I did enjoy getting to know your blog and your nails are the cutest! Loved it!

  7. Thank you so much, dear! :))

  8. Indeed! Sometimes simple can become the coolest :)


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