Sunday, October 05, 2014

Polisher's Inc. - Untrieds

This week's Polisher's Inc. challenge theme is 'Untried', 'cause we should all show some love to our pretty bottles, dutifully sitting in our stash, waiting to be worn for the first time.

You know what this means ;) Nail bloggers out there I see those guilty looks on your faces ;)
Untried is the big tabboo word when you become a nail blogger. It's an inevitable curse you'll have to deal with, sooner or later.

One's bound to buy way too many polishes at once and a couple of them will remain untried for some time.
I try to refrain from being acursed too many times for too long - in all honesty, I must have around twelve untried polishes in my stash right now (which is already way too much).

So, for today's nail art theme I went with:

Polisher's Inc. - Untried

Flormar Beauty Toys Purr Cat (BT04).

swatch of Flormar purr cat (BT04)

It's a lovely nude creme shade and it applies beautifully in 1/2 smooth coats.
It dries relatively quick (ca.6/7min) and it has a lovely shine of its own.

floral nails with studs

I decided to stamp it with yet another untried: Kiko Plum Red (No.243).
(I'll need to swatch this beauty in the future, because do you see that gorgeous shade? Wow!)
I'm terrible with stamping but I'm intent on getting better at it, seeing I'll soon be receiving a special prize in stamping plates ;)

floral nails with stamping and studs

For now I've used one of the very few I own: Konad M54.
The stamping is not perfect but I'm happy I managed to create a pattern on my nails, with such a tiny picture.
The plate's picture is the one you see on my pinkie. I then stamped several times on the other nails to achieve a floral pattern.

floral nails

Then I completed the look with some golden studs.
And I have to confess it to you: I love this look! I love both polishes and I'm really happy with the pattern I created.

What do you think?
Don't forget to check everyone else's creations - they feature some crazy beautiful polishes :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Yay to the stamping!!!! I am really loving this gorgeous floral. The base is a nude-perfection and the magenta lowers look beautiful on it :)

  2. I think it's really lovely and that I should get that Flormar ASAP! Quem sabe se há na In Beauty (btw, vais?) :p Gosto muito de ver que a menina está a treinar carimbar :) Não sei se esse Kiko é pigmentado, nem sou muito fã de Konad, mas acho que está quase lá! :) Beijinhos**

  3. Love the floral design on this neutral. Its pretty.

  4. This is very pretty. I love the little stud accents.

  5. Oooh yes.. I know that feeling of shame! Haha, the way you put it.. <3
    And also, BRAVO on the stamping! I think you did great, I don't think I've ever been able to get those tiny patterns to look right a single time... And that nude really does look perfect!

  6. The last time I checked, I had around 50-60 untrieds, oops :D
    the flormar is a really pretty neutral shade, i think it should join my group of untried polishes :'D

  7. Don't worry, I have 60-70 untried polishes at the moment and that doesn't even include press samples. 12 untrieds is an utopia for me :D Lovely stamping and lovely shades as well!

  8. That's a beautiful mani! Your stamping is wayyyy better than mine. Yeah, I know - practice, practice, practice. But I just do not like getting all the 'stuff' you need to stamp out on my desk - so messy! :D

    Hahahah on the untrieds. I have so many that I see them as wall art - I have my polishes in the acrylic racks on the walls. I have seriously been cutting back lately on my polish buying, though. However, between the beautiful polishes I see on the nail blogs and the FaceBook nail polish groups I am in, it is so difficult to not want (and buy) all the pretties!


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